Ao Dai beauty honoured at Hue Festival

Published:  08:59 Saturday - May 05, 2012

Ao Dai beauty honoured at Hue Festival

A grand show of Ao Dai (traditional long dress) took place at Hue National University as a key event of the Hue Festival.

Themed “Lotus in painting”, the show attracted thousands of visitors, including foreign ambassadors to Vietnam and international friends.

The event aimed to honor the beauty of Vietnamese women’s traditional costume through the image of lotus, which has provided endless inspiration for artists, architects, sculptors and painters.

During the show, Ao Dai adorned with lotus patterns provided invaluable spiritual values and the aesthetic eternity of such a beautiful flower, as well as the perception of the traditional dress in the soul of Vietnamese people.

In the early summer breeze from the Huong (Perfume) River and the sounds of zither, two-stringed violin, monochord and flute played, special Ao Dai collections by 20 leading designers were gracefully demonstrated by 150 top models from across the country.

Following are some pictures taken at the show:



















Source: VOV

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