Flower tea as a part of Vietnam culture

Published:  10:20 Monday - August 01, 2016

Flower tea as a part of Vietnam culture

Vietnam has a large area where local people grow green tea. Not only enjoying tea in normal way, Vietnamese has their own way to make tea to be an art by adding flower in. There are wide variety of flowers using as ingredients for tea in Vietnam, just to name a few such as lotus tea or jasmine tea

Thái Nguyên or Mộc Châu (Son La) in Vietnam is famous for high quality green tea. Growing under sunshine, green teas in these area have distinctive flavour and delicated fragance. As a result of owning natural green tea, in Vietnam, tea appears in almost every social activities: from wedding, birthday to anniversary and ritual ceremonies. A cup of hot tea in the early morning after breakfast, some iced tea at the roadside-make-shift shop while waiting for a friend, or a whole day chilling out in a tea house; that is the way tea penetrates into Vietnamese’ daily life. And it becomes an art when Vietnamese add flowers to make an outstanding tea cup. 

The most famous flower tea in Vietnam is Lotus tea. People choose best quality dried tea and wrap it up in a fresh lotus overnight. After that, the tea will have fresh lotus fragance which brings refeshing feeling to drinkers:  

Jasmine is another special kind of fragance

Some kind of flower which is not mixed with green tea but can stand alone: Such as Artichoke tea

Or rose tea

Vietnamese drinks tea in tiny handmade cup, decorated by traditional symbol

Or set up in art way

Vietnamese believe that tea binds people together and expresses hospitality; hence people often invite their friends or neighbour round for a chat over a cup of tea. Tea is also used to calm down heated quarrels by diluting one’s anger. Moreover, consuming tea after meals, especially dinner, is also a habit that is loved by many people, when family members can gather round, talking about what they have done during the day.

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