The significance of Mooncakes

Published:  15:19 Thursday - September 01, 2016

The significance of Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the greatest and most meaningful festivals in Vietnam. It takes place on 15th August in the lunar calendar every year with a lot of activities and meaning. The festival is to show the homage to the moon and the spring.

Besides lanterns and the story of "lady Hang and uncle Cuoi", mooncakes are the main symbol of the festival. On the days before the festival, there are a lot of mooncake stalls in yellow and red where display and sell mooncakes. Although mooncakes are the traditional food of Mid-Autumn festival, not most of people like its taste. 


Nowadays, mooncakes has various types and it depends on each region and custom. The mooncakes are also used as a gift to parents and colleagues and friends. 

The cake symbolizes the reunion of family as on this day, all of the family members will gather with each other and enjoy the cosy and meaning meal. Everyone will gather with each other, enjoy a meal and tell children the legend of the festival. 





The most perfect taste of mooncakes is to combine with tea. It seems to be a tradition and culture of Vietnamese people.

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