Marvellous Vietnam embroidery art

Published:  10:50 Saturday - July 23, 2016

Marvellous Vietnam embroidery art

Vietnamese hand embroidery is a 700-year-old tradition. In the past, Vietnamese girls did not go to work so this is a popular needle work for woman together with cooking and sewing. Traditionally, girls are expected to know how to decorate pillowcases, curtains and tablecloths with hand embroider. Nowaday, not many girls are interested in embroidery because this art requires a lot of time and patience. However, the spirit of embroidery are still living in traditional products with high prices.

In Vietnam, embroidery work is a handicraft that existed long time in the past. The history of this traditional work connected closely with the spiritual history of the Vietnamese women in the past. From the first century, women of Vietnam also embroider in order to decorate the house, move over to show the confidence, sentiment and to make beautiful for themselves.

In hand broidery, the artist, usually a pretty girl, patiently, skillfully and carefully selects each tiny thread with different colors and shades

Vietnam landscape (Especially Hanoi) are frequently found in hand made embroidery products

Ladies are also popular topics inspiring artists in this field

Some super rich family ordered big size embroidery picture for decoration

Other international topic can be found in Vietnamese embroidery products. In some pictures, artists may use up to 500 different colors and threads spread on to a huge cloth material to make a piece of art. 


The Vietnamese Hand Embroidery has brought a new way of expression of the oriental culture. Any topic can be expressed with hand embroideries. If you search the web or visit some Vietnamese Embroidery Art Galleries,  you may find more than 500 different topics varying from the history (the Vietnamese used to pride with their 4000 years long history) to the picturesque in Viet Nam and around the world, from the wild lives such as tigers, dragon, birds, flowers (roses, orchids), to the religions (Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism). 

Together with other art works such as painting or sculpture, the Vietnamese Hand Embroidery can be a new way of decoration in house, in office or even in a large hall or in conference room. It can be a cultural gift to show a new, unique art from a Far East country, Vietnam. In the painting, the artist uses a paintbrush with different colors to make a picture. 

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