Visit nowaday Bom Bo Village (Soc Bom Bo)

Published:  10:11 Friday - December 30, 2011

Visit nowaday Bom Bo Village (Soc Bom Bo)

Many Vietnamese hear the name Soc BomBo via the song “The Sound of rice pounder on Soc BomBo” of famous musician Xuan Hong. This song contains positive energy and refects the spirit of lively Bombo village

Soc BomBo is located on Binh Minh commune, Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province, from Dong Xoai town, go straight to Highway 14 towards Bu Dang about 50 km. Soc BomBo was formed from the period of resistance against the US, heroic guerrilla fighters of the past as Dieu Lien and Dieu Sen now are the elderly generation of the village but still living in Soc.

Overview of the Bom Bo village

The road to Bom Bo

Peaceful scene of Bom Bo village 

People daily life 

Traditional house in BomBo

Music instrument played by natural water

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