Hue Festival

Published:  11:40 Wednesday - July 20, 2016

Hue Festival

Hue is the former capital of Vietnam and the city is also the destination of many ancient and unique pagodas, temples and palaces. On the chance of Hue Festival, tourists absolutely will have unforgettable discovery and experience in the city.

Hue festival is taken place every two years and it lasts for a week. The festival often attracts a lot of tourists and participations from other countries. The festival purposes to honor cultural and historical values of Vietnam’s former capital city. Also, it is a space of cultural exchange between people all over the world as well as promote Vietnam image to the world.

Taking part in the festival, tourists will participate in the open ceremony and cultural events as well as sport activities. The open ceremony will be held at the beginning of the festival along with interesting and beautiful art performances. You will be dazzled in the bustling and colorful atmosphere of the festival.

There is variety of cultural events which will be performed during the festival: Hue Poetry Festival, Massive Street Arts Performance, the Dialogue of drums and percussion instruments, Art Exhibitions, the week of Vietnam’s historical films. These events feature the culture and tradition of Hue city and let tourists learn more about the history of the country.

Furthermore, tourists also can explore some traditional values of Vietnam at Gastronomy Quarters, Traditional Kite Flying Festival or watch “Ao dai” Grand Show, “Oriental night” Show; and take part in sport activities such as: boat race and human chess; as well as typical events including: Nam Giao Offering Ritual, Xa Tac Offering Ritual and the Royal Refined Music of Hue.  

Just come and enjoy Hue Festival to explore beautiful sites in Hue as well as know more about the culture and tradition of the former capital city.

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