Hanoi to host Ao dai festival

Published:  10:25 Saturday - July 23, 2016

Hanoi to host Ao dai festival

“Ao dai” is the traditional costume and symbol of Vietnam. Vietnamese women are the most beautiful and charming in “Ao dai”. To honor and promote the image of “Ao dai” to the world, Hanoi people’s Committee recently has issued a plan to celebrate “Ao dai festival” in Hanoi Preservation Center from 14th to 16th October.

It is said that no women in the world can be as beautiful and graceful as Vietnamese women in “Ao dai”. It is the national costume of Vietnam and also the symbol of Vietnamese women’s beauty. The festival purposes to preserve and strengthen Vietnam’s traditional values as well as the beauty and grace of the “ao dai”.


The festival is titled “Tinh hoa ao dai Viet Nam” – the quintessence of Vietnam’s Ao dai. During the festival, there are stunning images and documents about the history of ao dai which will be displayed and introduced to everyone. On the occasion of the festival, many cultural heritages and beautiful spots in Hanoi which are introduced to tourists. This contributes to the development of fashion and tourism enterprises.


Hanoi cuisine is also one of the highlights in the festival. Furthermore, the decoration of lights made of conical hats which will make the festival more colorful and significant.

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