Number of visitors soars 50% during Da Nang firework festival

Published:  11:31 Monday - June 26, 2017

Number of visitors soars 50% during Da Nang firework festival

The number of visitors to the Da Nang International Firework Festival (DIFF) 2017 has surged by 50% in the two months of the festival.

The information was announced on June 22, by the organizing board of the 2017 DIFF, at a press conference outlining the program during the festival’s final round and the result of the 2017 Firework Display on Computer Competition.

Themed “Shining Marble Mountains”, the 2017 DIFF has offered a lot of activities to entertain visitors, in addition to the eight nights of fireworks on display from April 30 to June 24.

The festival featured the participation of eight teams from different eight countries – Switzerland, Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Austria, and Vietnam.

Over 6,000 artists and actors have also participated in the event. Up to now, the investment cost for the event stands at nearly VND130 billion, with nearly 100,000 tickets being issued. In particular, the amount of funding from donors (including artifacts) is around VND37.5 billion.

According to General Director Le Quy Duong, the final round of the fireworks festival promises to bring spectacular performances combining harmony and light. During the final round, three fireworks teams from the UK, Australia, and Italy, who are considered as the "players" in the world of fireworks, will showcase their most modern techniques.

The winners of the 2017 DIFF Championship will be awarded a US$ 10,000 prize after the final round.

As part of the press conference, the organizing board honored the three most outstanding works in the 2017 Firework Display on Computer Competition.


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