The Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 captivates tourists with its digital transformation.

Published:  16:53 Friday - December 29, 2023

The Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 captivates tourists with its digital transformation.

To become the first cashless culinary cultural festival in Quang Nam, the inaugural Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 collaborates with VietISO Joint Stock Company to integrate digital transformation into the event's organizational processes.

1. Introduction to the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023

In a statement at the press conference for the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023, Deputy Director of the Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Van Ba Son, stated that the first edition of the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival, themed 'Delicious Dishes of Quang Land,' is an event aimed at honoring and promoting the cultural and culinary values of Quang Nam province, as well as showcasing representative agricultural products from provinces nationwide to domestic and international tourists.

 Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023

According to Mr. Son, this year's festival will take place in the city of Hoi An from December 30, 2023, to January 1, 2024. The festival will feature prominent programs such as the opening ceremony, cultural exchanges between provinces, culinary showcases, and musical nights celebrating the cultural values of Quang Land.

The festival this year is set to host around 50 booths, including 18 districts, towns, provinces, and other Central Vietnamese provinces participating. Particularly noteworthy, during the press conference, the organizers announced the digital transformation of the festival, making it the first cashless culinary cultural event in Quang Nam. Throughout the event, QR codes, including the SmartDex smart ticketing system and the iTourism digital platform by VietISO, will be utilized. 

Additionally, the festival will digitize menus for all 50 booths, allowing host to place orders directly through the iTourism app.

These initiatives aim to attract both domestic and international tourists to visit Quang Nam province during the New Year in 2024.

2. How has SmartDex transformed the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023

The integration of SmartDex into the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 has brought about significant changes and improvements to the event

2.1. Streamlining the event organizer's management processes

The incorporation of SmartDex has led to a streamlined payment process for the organizers of the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023. Here are some key aspects of how SmartDex has facilitated this transformation:

Easy and transparent management: The SmartDex system allows event organizers to accurately track the number of attendees. This provides them with an overall view of the event's participation.

Cashless payment integration: SmartDex enables attendees to make payments for various services and products at the event using QR codes on paper tickets or within the iTourism app. This eliminates the need for cash at the festival and establishes a secure and convenient payment model for both organizers and attendees.

Revenue management optimization: The SmartDex system records payment transactions and automatically calculates the total revenue generated. This facilitates easy revenue tracking for the event's vendors.

Enhanced promotion and visitor outreach: The application of digital technology adds an attractive aspect for visitors. Features such as online ticket purchasing and cashless payment options can capture the interest of tourists, especially international ones, expanding the event's promotional reach.

Improved security and risk management: Removing cash significantly reduces the risk of loss or theft during the event. This enhances security and risk management for both event organizers and attendees

2.2. Optimizing the sales processes of the booths

 Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023

The integration of SmartDex with iTourism doesn't stop at ticketing; it extends to the sales processes of the booths within the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023. Here's how it optimizes sales:

Electronic menus: All booths participating in the festival utilize the iTourism platform to create electronic menus. These menus provide comprehensive information about the products, dishes, and their respective prices. This digital approach expedites the ordering process for customers, making it quicker and more convenient.

Real-time revenue tracking: iTourism allows booth operators to monitor their daily revenue, even in real-time. The system automatically records orders and calculates the total amount paid by customers. This feature provides booth operators with a comprehensive overview of their business performance throughout the festival.

Efficient customer service: With electronic menus and digital ordering, booth operators can serve customers more efficiently. Orders are transmitted directly to the kitchen or preparation area, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring a smoother customer experience. Ordering through a digital menu reduces the risk of errors and ensures a smoother customer experience.

Inventory management: iTourism also offers inventory management capabilities. Booth operators can keep track of their stock levels in real-time, enabling them to restock items as needed and avoid running out of popular dishes.

2.3. Enhance the visitor experience during the Quang Nam Cultural and Culinary Festival 2023

The integration of SmartDex with iTourism goes beyond just streamlining ticketing and sales processes; it also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall satisfaction of visitors to the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023.

Seamless transactions: Tourists no longer need to worry about carrying cash or dealing with loose change. With the QR code on their paper tickets or the iTourism app, they can make payments with ease. This streamlined process ensures quicker transactions, reducing waiting times at food booths and merchandise stalls.

Enhanced security: Cashless payments provide a higher level of security for both tourists and vendors. There is no risk of theft, loss, or counterfeit money. Tourists can enjoy the festival without concerns about their physical wallet's safety.

Digital record keeping: Each transaction made through SmartDex is digitally recorded, providing an organized and transparent record of expenses. Tourists can easily track their spending, making it simpler to manage their budget during the festival

The Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 is not just a special opportunity to celebrate the unique culture, cuisine, and tourism of Quang Nam, but also a significant step forward in integrating digital technology into the organization of traditional cultural events. This aligns with the current objectives and solutions of the iTourism digital platform and SmartDex smart ticket system. This will help contributes to supporting the National Digital Transformation Program in Quang Nam.

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