Experience the First Cashless Culinary Cultural Festival in Quang Nam

Published:  17:08 Friday - December 29, 2023

Experience the First Cashless Culinary Cultural Festival in Quang Nam

On December 30, 2023, the Quang Nam Cuisine and Culture Festival was officially inaugurated in Hoi An City, drawing the participation of 50 food stalls and creating a unique cultural experience. From the early morning of the festival day, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, as hundreds of local and international tourists arrived to indulge in the culinary space and partake in shopping.

The Quang Nam Cuisine and Culture Festival stands as the first traditional festival in Quang Nam province to fully embrace a cashless payment system. This significant event aims to showcase the rich cultural, culinary, and tourism values of the province to visitors from various regions, thereby enhancing the image of Vietnam and its vibrant cultural identity.

As the festival's Gold sponsor, VietISO introduced cutting-edge technological solutions through the SmartDex ticketing system and iTourism digital platform. These innovations allowed visitors to make effortless payments via QR codes, eliminating the need for cash. This payment method ensured swift and seamless transactions throughout the festival.

1. The Convenience of Cashless Payments at the Festival

The implementation of the cashless system at the festival received overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors, highlighting its impact on enhancing the overall event experience. The shift to digital transactions via QR codes and the iTourism app not only added a layer of convenience but also significantly improved security and efficiency.

Visitors expressed their excitement about the cashless shopping and dining experience. The absence of cash eliminated the worry of carrying or exchanging money at the stalls. Payments were streamlined to a simple QR code scan on their pre-purchased vouchers or through the iTourism app. The convenience of using a universally accepted digital platform made the festival more accessible to a broader audience, regardless of their country of origin.

The cashless system's transaction speed was a notable feature. Visitors reported that payment processes were completed in just a few seconds, offering not just convenience but also reducing the time spent in long queues.

Ms. Ly, a tourist from Hanoi, shared her experience: “Paying with QR codes at the festival is both convenient and fast, making the purchasing process smoother for users.”

2. Safety and Security in Transactions at the Festival

Quang Nam Cuisine and Culture Festival

The robust security measures implemented in the payment system were a key factor in winning the trust and confidence of festival attendees. High-level encryption and advanced software safeguards ensured that each transaction was not only swift but also highly secure, effectively mitigating risks associated with personal data breaches. This focus on cybersecurity provided peace of mind to users, who could engage in transactions without the fear of their sensitive information being compromised.

The advanced software of the payment system ensured secure transactions with high-level encryption, effectively preventing any risk of personal data leaks. The lack of a need to carry significant amounts of cash also reduced the risk of theft.

The QR code payment method’s precision in handling transactions was another standout feature. By automating the billing and payment process, the system virtually eliminated errors that are often associated with manual transactions. This accuracy was crucial in ensuring a transparent and fair trading environment, where both customers and vendors could trust the integrity of the transaction process.

Moreover, the high level of customer service support provided by the iTourism app was a testament to the festival's commitment to visitor satisfaction. The prompt and efficient handling of any transaction-related issues or queries was a relief to customers. This responsive support system played a vital role in maintaining the smooth operation of the payment process, quickly resolving any concerns and allowing visitors to continue enjoying the festival without disruption.

Ms. Thuy, a local visitor, commented: “Using a cashless method feels safer. I don’t have to worry about losing money or making payment errors. The transactions are securely encrypted, which adds to my peace of mind.”

3. A Rich Culinary Journey

The festival offered a journey through the diverse culinary landscape of Quang Nam Cuisine and Culture Festival, from the famous Hoi An bread to Quang noodles, Tam Ky chicken rice, and various street foods. The gastronomic variety not only delighted the taste buds but also reflected the rich cultural fusion of the area.

Quang Nam Cuisine and Culture Festival

Each dish served in this culinary experience was not just a mere meal but a captivating chapter in the rich tapestry of the local culture. As visitors indulged in the flavors of Quang noodles, they were transported back in time, uncovering the fascinating history behind this iconic dish. They discovered how the centuries-old fusion of indigenous ingredients like fragrant coconut water, succulent shrimp, and tender chicken had given rise to the distinctive and harmonious flavor that defines Quang noodles today.

During their culinary exploration, visitors had the opportunity to interact with chefs and cooks who shared insights into the preparation methods and the cultural significance of these dishes in traditional festivals, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle and values of the local people.

Overall, the festival's culinary journey was a celebration of Quang Nam's diverse and vibrant culture, offering visitors not just a taste of its cuisine but a deep dive into the heart and soul of the region. Through this gastronomic adventure, the festival successfully showcased the intricate relationship between food, history, and cultural identity, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.

The introduction of the SmartDex ticket system and iTourism digital platform at the festival is not merely about offering unique cultural and culinary experiences. It represents a significant stride in integrating digital transformation into Quang Nam Cuisine and Culture Festival, signaling a new era in the fusion of technology and culture.

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