The Factors Contributing to the Success of the Quang Nam Food and Culture Festival

Published:  17:32 Friday - December 29, 2023

The Factors Contributing to the Success of the Quang Nam Food and Culture Festival

On the evening of January 1, 2024, the 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival officially concluded with a program featuring artistic performances and cultural exchanges from the region. Over the course of 3 days, visitors had the opportunity to experience the rich cultural and culinary values, including shopping and tasting local specialty dishes at various local stalls, participating in Quang Nam's famous Mi Quang noodle cooking classes, and engaging in cultural activities.

With a wide range of captivating experiential activities, the festival attracted thousands of domestic and international tourists. It contributed significantly to promoting the cultural essence and the image of Vietnam as a whole, and Quang Nam province in particular.

For a culturally rich festival like the Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival, the coexistence and synergy of traditional and modern elements were evident. Through the application of digital transformation in event management and organization, the festival organizers were able to revitalize traditional activities through optimal technological solutions.

1. Diverse Culinary and Cultural Experience Journey

At the Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival, the culinary and cultural journey became unique and memorable. It was an excellent opportunity for visitors to delve deeper into the unique culture of Central Vietnam through its cuisine.

Festival attendees had the chance to experience culinary culture, tourism, and One Commune One Product (OCOP) products with around 50 booths representing 18 cities, districts, and towns. Various entertainment activities, cultural exchanges, and art performances were successfully organized, including the demonstration of Quang Nam's distinctive dishes.

the 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival

Among the festival's most popular activities was the Mi Quang noodle cooking class, showcasing one of Quang Nam's renowned traditional dishes. In this cooking class, visitors had the opportunity to participate in the preparation and cooking of Mi Quang noodles alongside professional chefs. The detailed steps, from selecting quality ingredients to cooking techniques, were carefully explained. Visitors learned how to create a delicious and flavorful bowl of Mi Quang, showcasing the essence of Quang Nam's culinary tradition.

After the cooking process, a fun part of the tour was the tasting and voting session. Festival organizers tasted the Mi Quang dishes prepared by the participants themselves. They evaluated and voted for the most impressive chef in the cooking process, as well as for the "most favorite Mi Quang bowl."

This experience wasn't just about enjoying delicious food; it was also an opportunity for cultural exchange and learning about the local lifestyle and cuisine. The Mi Quang cooking class at the 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival was an unmissable experience for any food and culture enthusiast visiting Vietnam.

2. Achieving Success through Digital Transformation at the Festival

The 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival demonstrated that the combination of technology and culture can bring about positive changes and enhance the value of local tourism. In this regard, VietISO played an indispensable role, not only in terms of technology but also in bringing significant innovations.

One notable aspect of the festival was its focus on optimizing the visitor experience. Thanks to VietISO's intelligent software system, visitors had the opportunity to experience a simple and convenient process of ticket purchase, food ordering, and payment. This made a positive impression and attracted more visitors, enhancing the festival's reputation.

Furthermore, VietISO's technology provided convenience in revenue and expense management for the booths at the festival. This not only increased profits for local businesses but also bolstered the local economy. Booth operators could easily track their sales figures, allowing them to optimize their management and implement more effective business strategies.

The festival also helped establish Quang Nam as a pioneer in digital transformation and the application of modern technology. This not only created a unique identity for the region but also opened up opportunities for future cooperation with other businesses and organizations. Quang Nam has become a model example of how technology can drive economic and tourism development.

Ultimately, through the implementation of technological solutions, VietISO created a comprehensive digital transformation ecosystem for tourism. This enhanced convenience and improved the overall tourism experience for visitors. It also set new standards for future tourism events, ensuring that the combination of culture and technology will continue to be an important direction in Quang Nam's tourism industry.

3. A Step Forward and a New Direction for Localities

the 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival

The 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival has opened up a new direction for organizing traditional events in various localities, especially in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The success of this event has proven that the combination of traditional culture and digital technology is not only feasible but also brings significant benefits.

A new approach to event organization emerged through the Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival. This approach demonstrated the flexibility and creativity of the organizers, as they did not view traditional and modern elements as separate but instead combined them seamlessly. Digital technology was integrated into event management and organization, improving the visitor experience and the efficiency of the festival.

VietISO not only provided technological solutions but also promoted innovation in the organizer's perspective. Beyond just optimizing payments, VietISO expanded its role to encompass overall management, from visitor management to business participation. This created significant interaction and connection opportunities with customers, adding value to the festival.

The success of the 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival not only had a local impact but also opened up new directions for other localities in organizing traditional events. It promotes sustainable development in tourism and effective management.

The 1st Quang Nam Cultural Food Festival was a remarkable success, showcasing a unique blend of traditional culture and digital technology. VietISO's digital transformation contributed significantly to improving the local tourism value. This success paves the way for new directions in organizing traditional events, fostering sustainable tourism development in various localities.

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