Vietnam is one of the most cheapest destinations in the world

Published:  16:24 Tuesday - October 25, 2016

Vietnam is one of the most cheapest destinations in the world

Vietnam is a tourist destination in the world and attracts many foreign tourists. Moreover, the budget for traveling to Vietnam is very cheap and suitable for everyone.

Vietnam has been rated by leading Australia – based travel website News as among cheapest destinations for tourists in the world.

Vietnam has a 3,200 kilometre coastline with beautiful bays, beaches and islands, many of them, such as Ha Long and Nha Trang Bays and Da Nang city, as well as Con Dao and Phu Quoc islands, having been honoured by numerous prestigious organisations around the world. In addition, Vietnam is home to many scenic, historical and cultural sites.

The rating is based on the reasonable average cost of accommodation, food, drinks and transportation in Vietnam. In many destinations, even in Hanoi Old Quarter, there is an abundance of cheap hotels with prices ranging from 70,000 to 100,000 VND per person per day.

Vietnam is also famous for its delicious food, which comes at extremely cheap prices. With only $1 - $2, visitor can pay for a typical meal or powl of noodles.

Earlier in late August, the Uk – based travel website Rough Guides listed Vietnam as among the world’s top twenty cheapest destinations, the country also ranked sith among the top ten cheapest countries to visit in 2016 according to a poll by The Richest, a US magazine in July. Despite the inadequacy of public transport in Vietnam, visitors feel satisfied with the reasonable prices of taxis, buses and airplanes in the country. Interestingly, to expereice the daily life of Vietnamese people, they can rent a motorbike or bicycle with only tens of thousands of Vietnam dong perday.

These ratings by prestigious foreign magazines and websites are beneficial for Vietnam’s tourism sector as it seeks to develop, attracting more visitors to Vietnam, particularly foreign tourists. 

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