Workshop on traditional toys to be held

Published:  14:48 Monday - July 25, 2016

Workshop on traditional toys to be held

Traditional toys are one of the interests and favorites of children, a workshop on traditional toys will be held in order to create kid a chance to see and learn more about traditional toys as well as allow attendants to create traditional toys under the guidance of artisans.

Included in a series of cultural workshops, the Hanoikids Voluntary English Club continues its Culture Puzzle - a series of cultural workshops. The workshop purposes to provide attendants more knowledge about Vietnamese traditional toys and give them an opportunity to create their own toys following the instruction of artisans.

In addition, the series gives foreigners a chance to learn and understand more about Vietnamese culture and create the positive interaction between young Vietnamese and foreigners.

The Puzzle 2 with the theme of “to he” – a traditional Vietnamese toy symbol, will be held on July 30. The guests taking part in the working will get to know more about the art of “to he” making as well as gain actual and special experience of creating different “to he” characters by themselves.

Let’s come to the workshop to admire the beautiful traditional toys and take the chance to know more about Vietnamese traditional toys. It definitely will give you unforgettable experience and do not forget to create your own toys.

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