2016 Vi – Giam Folk Song Festival to be held on August

Published:  10:37 Saturday - July 23, 2016

2016 Vi – Giam Folk Song Festival to be held on August

Vi Giam Folk Song is the tradition and culture of Nghe An and Ha Tinh province. Every year, Vi – Giam Folk Song Festival is held to preserve and promote the traditional songs and interesting performances from artists and participants.

2016 Vi – Giam Folk Song Festival will take place on August 12 to 14 at the Hong Linh Town’s Center of Culture, Information, Sports and Tourism. The festival titles “Praising love of life, countryside, people, the Party and great Uncle Ho”. Its purpose is to encourage the practice of Vi – Giam Folk Singing in schools whole creating a playground for students to develop their musical and performing aptitude as well as helping preserve the age –old folk music genre.

The festival will help promote and spread the traditional singings and honor the Party and Uncle Ho. Participants will have a chance to see and enjoy the bustling but gentle and peaceful atmosphere of Vi – Giam songs which demonstrate the tradition, simple life and culture of people in Nghe An and Ha Tinh province.

Some special and highlight programs will be taken place in the festival such as: organizing Vi – Giam Singing Contests, bringing folk songs into schools and publishing documents, books, tapes and discs on folk songs in order to introduce and promote it to many people.

According to regulation, some sectors at the festival comprise two clubs with two programs. Each club is home to 15 artisans and actress. Some delegations participate into singing folk songs.

Each program is about 30 minutes. There are at least 20 minutes for performance of Vi-Giam folk song. Some songs praise love of life, people, countryside and the country. 10 minutes of folk songs relate to praising Uncle Ho, the Party and some renewing achievements of economy and society.

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