The First Cashless Culinary Cultural Event in Quang Nam

Published:  16:46 Friday - December 29, 2023

The First Cashless Culinary Cultural Event in Quang Nam

When mentioning Quang Nam, people often think of the rich cultural heritage and diverse cuisine that this region offers. During the upcoming Western New Year holiday, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023. Here, traditional cultural and culinary values combine with modern technological solutions to aim for a "cashless" goal throughout the festival.

1. Special Features at the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival

For the first time, the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 will be held from December 30, 2023, to January 1, 2024, in Hoi An city. It promises to provide visitors with unique culinary experiences, along with interesting traditional cultural activities. The event is organized to honor, preserve, and promote the cultural, culinary, and tourism values of Quang Nam province to friends and tourists both domestically and internationally.

Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023

The Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival is a distinctive event, offering visitors diverse and rich experiences in local culture and cuisine. Additionally, the festival space is designed meticulously and professionally.

Exhibition and Introduction Space

The exhibition and culinary cultural experience space will feature about 50 booths, each representing the unique characteristics of the 18 districts, towns, and cities in Quang Nam province, as well as other Central regions like Hue, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, etc.

Each booth is decorated in the style characteristic of each locality, creating a diverse and rich experiential space.

Culinary Culture Experience

Visitors to the festival will be treated to a gastronomic journey through Quang Nam's diverse culinary landscape. This experience extends beyond just tasting; it is an exploration of the region's rich heritage and cultural tapestry, as expressed through its food. From the simplicity of rustic street foods to the intricacies of gourmet dishes, each offering is a testament to the area's culinary prowess.

Tourism and OCOP Products

The festival also introduces OCOP products (One Commune One Product - a rural economic development program) characteristic of Quang Nam, such as handicrafts and local agricultural products. Visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the province's attractive and distinctive tourist spots.

2. The Cashless Festival with Digital Transformation Solutions

In recent years, the habit of non-cash payments among Vietnamese people has become more popular thanks to the positive digital transformation process. Especially in the tourism industry, non-cash payment applications will open development opportunities for businesses and contribute to providing attractive experiences for tourists.

VietISO has chosen to accompany the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 with the goal of promoting digital transformation in the tourism industry through smart and modern technological applications, contributing to the development of local culture and tourism.

Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023

The SmartDex smart ticket system and the iTourism digital platform by VietISO are deployed at the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023, bringing advanced technological solutions to enhance the organization's effectiveness and the visitor experience. Below are the main applications of SmartDex and iTourism at the festival:

2.1. SmartDex Smart Ticket System

Payment and Confirmation via QR Code: Visitors can utilize the QR code featured on the voucher for seamless transactions at various booths within the event. These vouchers, which streamline the purchasing process, are available for acquisition through the iTourism application or can be bought in-person at the ticket counter situated at the event location. 

Checking Voucher Balance: Visitors have the added convenience of monitoring their voucher balance directly through the iTourism app on their smartphones. This feature not only ensures transparency and ease of use but also empowers guests to manage their spending efficiently throughout the event. The intuitive design of the app allows for quick balance checks, enabling visitors to keep track of their expenditures in real-time.

Managing Attendance: SmartDex equips the organizers with tools to monitor and analyze attendance. This software contributes to the accurate and flexible management and coordination of the event. By leveraging SmartDex, organizers can deliver a more tailored and engaging event experience, reflecting a commitment to innovation and excellence in event management.

With the SmartDex system, the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 not only improves the experience for visitors but also enhances the management and organization of the event effectively.

2.2. iTourism Digital Platform

Optimizing Processes for the Organizers: Tourism stands as a pivotal tool in the realm of festival management, offering organizers the capability to precisely monitor and manage various activities. This application is instrumental in managing and analyzing participant data, which includes tracking the number of attendees in real-time. Such insights are crucial for making informed decisions about crowd control, resource allocation, and scheduling.

Benefits for Visitors: The iTourism app significantly enriches the visitor experience at the festival by offering a host of user-friendly features. Beyond the convenience of QR code payments and easy management of voucher balances on smartphones, iTourism serves as a comprehensive guide for attendees. It provides real-time updates on event schedules, program changes, and alerts, ensuring visitors are always informed and can plan their festival experience accordingly.

Features for Booths: For booth owners participating in the festival, the iTourism app offers a suite of features that revolutionize the way they conduct business. The app allows vendors to effortlessly create, manage, and track orders, streamlining their sales process. This efficient order management system not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring a smoother transaction experience for both sellers and buyers.

Through VietISO's technological solutions, the Quang Nam Culinary Culture Festival 2023 will bring a unique cultural experience and represent a significant step in applying digital transformation to the tourism industry, opening a new direction for other

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