“The valley of light” in Tuyen Quang

Published:  09:39 Saturday - October 27, 2012

“The valley of light” in Tuyen Quang

The residents in Tuyen Quang Province are proud of their native land and its development. Over the past half a century, the province where people of 22 ethnic groups live together has experienced great socio-economic changes that brought a better life to the locals and changed the thinking and working habits of the authorities and people in the new period of time.

Time has elapsed, but the contributions made by Tuyen Quang Province and its people to the cause of national liberation exist forever in the golden pages of the history. The locals are proud of their native land and they have made great strides. In recent years, this poor province has constantly achieved a two-digit growth rate in GDP (11% on average), with the industrial production value increasing by 19.6% and the export value by nearly 17%. The provincial economic structure has shifted in the direction of increasing the industrial and construction ratios and decreasing gradually the agricultural, forestry and fishery ratios.   

The story about the Province’s breakthrough in raising dairy cows remains to a topical issue. After nearly three years of implementing a dairy cow-raising programme, the Province has more than 4,000 dairy cows and 900 cows for meat of high quality (Brahman breed), which constitutes a foundation to qualitatively improve the cattle herd. More importantly, the programme has made a drastic change in the people’s perception of structural shift in crops and animal farming and gradually built the animal husbandry into goods production.

To facilitate the consumption of dairy products, the Province has established a joint-venture with Vietnam Share-holding Milk Company (VINAMILK) to build Tuyen Quang Milk-processing Plant with a capacity of 40 million litters a year in Long Binh An Industrial Park. One of the strong dairy cow- raisers in Tuyen Quang Province is Phu Lam Share-holding Dairy Cow Company in Yen Son District, which raises 2,000 cows imported from Australia.

Director of the Company Phung Van Hung said: “The average temperature in this place is 23 0C, the same as in Queensland of Australia; so the cows grow well and each of them weighs 500-700 kg. Now over 1,000 cows are being milked. They have a high rate of breeding. On average, cows of the first brood give 17-18 kg of milk a day”. The Company’s production has reached a high socio-economic efficiency, not only bringing jobs to the locals, but also improving the life of people of various ethnic groups, who earn money by growing and selling maize and grass to the Company.

The year 2004 witnessed an important landmark in the activities of Tuyen Quang Cement Factory which has become Tuyen Quang Share-holding Cement Company after its 25 years of development. The Company has invested in building a production chain of new technology. Deputy Director of the Company Tran Minh Chon said: “We are trying to raise the quality of our products to compete with other cement products on the markets and increase our capacity and output with an aim to monopolize the local market and sell our products to the neighbouring provinces.” Construction of another plant in the Province, namely Trang An Cement Plant with a capacity of 910,000 tonnes per year, has just been started.

Tuyen Quang is a mountainous province with great endowed forest potential. In recent years, the areas of planted forests have increased considerably, making favourable conditions for the forestry product processing industry to develop. In January 2005, after four months of operation, Tuyen Quang Share-holding Forestry Products Processing Company exported its first batch of 4,000 out-door chairs out of 6,000 chairs ordered by the Swedish IKIA Group to the European markets. This is a good start for the Company’s bigger plans.

Like many other provinces and cities in the country, Tuyen Quang attaches special importance to the model of building industrial parks and attracting outside investments. With large land, abundant materials and rich natural resources, the Province has great potential to develop different industries. With favourable conditions in land, water way and railway transportations, ports and water supply systems and telecommunication services, together with investment-incentive policies, Long Binh An Industrial Park, more than 10 km away from Tuyen Quang provincial capital, is very attractive to investors. Right after it establishment, many investors have registered to operate in this park. Today it has become an industrial park with various forms of production involving modern and high technologies.

A modern industrial project is taking shape at the foot of Pac Ta Mountain in Na Hang District. It is Tuyen Quang Hydro-electric Power Plant with a capacity of 342 MW on the Gam River, which will generate 1.2 billion KWh of electricity per year. Its first turbo-generator unit is expected to operate in 2006, joining the national grid to provide electricity to Na Hang District and other areas. In the Tay language, Na Hang means “the terminal land” and Tuyen Quang means “the valley of light”. Great changes have brought a new image to “the terminal land”, promising a bright future for an area renowned for its revolutionary tradition.

Source: Vietnam.vnanet.vn 

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