One day to explore Sapa Bac Ha market

Published:  15:29 Friday - June 07, 2013

One day to explore Sapa Bac Ha market

Visitors to Sapa should not miss Sapa Bac Ha market, a famous highland market throughout the Northwest region

Along the way, visitors will see the high mountain, the terraced fields and encounter each ethnic group laughing gurglingly and leading horses to market to sell. To keep up with the market, they have to get up early. Even there is someone who starts their journey to market from the previous day.

Bac Ha market

Previously, Bac Ha market took place on a sloping hill, then this market was built on a concrete floor and divided into sales area so it lost the pristine beauty.

Bac Ha market sells all products of the highlands, the necessary items for the ethnic such as plow, hoe, shovel, knife, fruits, honey..

Booths selling jewelry, dresses, brocade and even attan baskets always attract many tourists. Here, you can optionally select Brocade products, dazzled with the brilliant colors of dresses of Hmong, Dao do.

Foreign tourists often would like to admire the paintings that are hand-woven with vivid motifs, harmonious colors.

The booths of jewelry attract many tourists

For men, Bac Ha market is also a place where they can meet their fiends and drink around the “thang co” pot (large pot).

Tourists to Bac Ha, they are very interested in exploring life and customs of the locals.

The ethnic usually bring baskets of vegetables, potatoes, maize or other crops to sell at Bac Ha market. They also lead the cows, pigs intended to sell in market. The place selling horse always attracts men most, they come from remote villages, even those from the provinces of Bac Giang, Ha Tay..coming here to buy horse.

In the trend of commercializing the highland markets,  Bac Ha market is one of the rare places retaining ethnic identity, unique features of the old market.

Translated by Nguyen Hao
Source: Vietnamtourism 

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