Published:  09:58 Thursday - June 22, 2017


Dalat is called the “city of flowers” because you will find more flowers and trees than people. For those living in southern Vietnam, Dalat makes an excellent place for a laid-back vacation.

1. Prepare yourself and your partner for a stress-free break

A good way to mentally get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and get your heads in a good space is to keep your phones off. Don't make excuses to check your phone, emails or social networks as these are unnecessary distractions. Turn your phones off and keep them off.

2. Plan a laid back vacation

A simple breakfast in serene surroundings can create a perfect start to the day. Dalat will enhance your breakfast with gentle breezes and the mellow golden light of early morning, enhanced by the delicious scents of the various flowers that adorn most of the premium hotels' food squares or restaurants.
Local Insight: extremlyHave breakfast and enjoy each other's presence and love with a peaceful lake view at Thanh Thuy - Bluewater although extremely crowded.

3. Plan the things you want to do in advance

People love receiving surprise gifts or suddenly be caught up in an interesting activity that they cannot resist. Use this natural curiosity to good effect by surprising each other with special gifts or organizing an exciting experience that you both can share. However, leave plenty of room for downtime – less is sometimes more...

Local Insight: Check out Dalat attractions carefully to know whether your plans are achievable to avoid disappointment. Langbiang mountain and Tuyen Lam lake are worth trying.

4. Personalize your trip

Take the time to do a lake walk, take in the flowers or simply stroll hand in hand through the streets. Try to catch a sunrise or a sunset in a scenic place. Your main priority is to relieve your partner's anxiety and indulge him or her in a whole different world. Keep in mind that you both want to enjoy Dalat to the fullest, before leaving.

Local Insight: The renowned Ho Xuan Huong lake is good for a walk as you can taste some street foods at the Dalat market nearby. Besides, The Flower Garden is a romantic place to visit too.

5. Be together

A short holiday is a good way to catch up on each other’s lives. It is a good time to remember when you first met, the early days of your love and how you felt about each other. Sometimes, just sit and enjoy the silence or do your own things. You can listen to your favorite music you while your partner reads quietly. The most important thing is to be together.

Local Insight: I can think of nowhere else more peaceful than Mong Mo Hill. Langbiang Mountain.

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