Top to-do lists in Romantic Autumn in Hanoi

Published:  08:53 Wednesday - September 05, 2018

Top to-do lists in Romantic Autumn in Hanoi

Hanoi has been associated with autumn season for a long time, brought into literally poets and romantic lyrics to draw and portray picturesque scenery of an ancient Hanoi city and Hanoians there. The fall often lasts from September to November, signalled by the season of rustling yellow leaves falling on two sides of streets, clear blue sky and sunlight scattered on every roof or through tall trees. Whenever the autumn knocks the door of every house in the Old Quarter, it wakes up all the lively activities of a daily routine but with slower life pace that is much different with other seasons. If you have a chance to spend your holiday in Hanoi autumn, it will be definitely such a memorable experience in your life to follow our top to-do list below

1. Tasting "Com Lang Vong"

Hanoi is not only imprinted with ancient beauty of old streets and architectures but also labelled with traditional food for tourists to discover. One of the must-try dishes in the autumn is Com which is a special gift given from the nature to Hanoians. It would be true to say that every one staying far away Hanoi all have missed this childhood present. To make Com in the autumn, farmers will harvest the young green rice, then the grains are slowly dry roasted over a wood-fire and transferred to a large mortar and pestle. Gentle, rhythmic pounding is requested to remove the husks from the grains. Com Vong has a special place in the heart of Hanoians because it is the most flavoured and uniquely fragrant, fresh and sweet of young rice. Com is often stored and covered by a layer of lotus leave to keep gentle, fresh and tender. 

Com Lang Vong

Com Vong

2. Drinking coffee on the streets

Temporarily leave luxurious coffee shops with stunning view and nice decorations inside, in Hanoi autumn, let's stop on the streets and try a cup of hot coffee and taste gently cool wind and autumn sunlight, watch the crowd of people lines moving bustling or small bikes of women carrying yellow sunflowers and chrysanthemum on the streets to make a living. All the things contributes to create an ancient and classic beauty of Hanoi which you will not find in anywhere to admire. 


Hình ảnh có liên quan

Drinking coffee on the streets


Hình ảnh có liên quan

Autumn afternoon on Hoan Kiem lake

3. Sấu fruit 

Wandering on the main streets such as Phan Dinh Phung, Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao,,, you will catch the images of old "sấu" trees standing  that seem close friends of Hanoians. Green sấu fruit is used to add sour flavor for the soup in meals or make simple drinks to cool down the heat of hot summer. When the autumn enters, ripen sấu fruits start to fall on sides of the street or you can see women carrying bamboo baskets loaded with ripen sấu fruit on their shoulders walking into all the small alleys and corners of the Old Quarter to sell. In autumn season, because the sấu fruit is not too sour anymore, instead it flavors lighter and sweet so people prefer to marinate this fruits with sugar, red pepper and vinegar as a rustic and simple food. This street food is particularly enjoyed by young students from primary to high school. Sấu is considered as a present of childhood of every children. 

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hàng sấu già

Sấu trees

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Marinated sấu

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