Wildest beaches and nature in Ninh Thuan

Published:  14:14 Friday - September 21, 2018

Wildest beaches and nature in Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan is known as a land of harsh sunshine and wind, however it is truly a wonderland with its charming beauty of wild nature, heavenly beaches with white sand and ancient architectural works of Cham people - an ethnic minority group of Vietnamese, which are attracting a huge number of tourists to explore every year. So if you are planning to travel in Vietnam, lets give it a try, you won't be regretting about your choice.

1. Binh Tien beach 

Binh Tien beach is considered as a hidden pearl of Ninh Thuan tourism. Despite of the harsh weather on this land, it appeals visitors by its natural beauty of primitive beaches and clear blue water that you even possibly see corals and living things underneath the water. The beach is surrounded by immense pine forests and majestic limestone mountains, catching eyes of everyone. The wave is not too tough and strong thanks to protection of high mountains, peaks, hills and jungles. It is an ideal place for relaxing, experiencing diversity of nature, going fishing, watching dusk till dawn and stars at night or camping on the white, smooth and soft sand with friends and family.

2. Po Krong Garai tower (Cham tower)

Cham Tower is a complex of three towers built around the end of the 13th and early 14th centuries, located on Trau hill, about 7km west of Phan Rang city. This is a unique and ancient architecture imprinting sophisticated sculpture of Champa and Khmer people. Moreover, during September and October, Cham people will hold traditional Kate festival to worship gods Po Klong Garai, Po Inu Nugar, Po Rome who bless them with good crops to fulfil people. If you travel at this time, you will have a chance to involve in their sacred and colourful festival. 

3. An Hoa sheep farm 

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