Da Lat - A romantic city of Vietnam

Published:  11:21 Friday - September 14, 2018

Da Lat - A romantic city of Vietnam

Da Lat is one of the prettiest cities in Vietnam and worth for living here with its beautiful landscapes and architecture imprinting authentic Vietnamese and French colonization period. Moreover, Da Lat is also well-known for a city with thousands kinds of blossoming flowers and attracts many tourists to travel by fresh air, friendly locals and stunning scenery where you can immerse yourself in relaxing with very slow pace of life of the locals.

You can visit Da Lat at any time or any season in the year because the weather in Da Lat is always cool, comfortable and not very hot compared to other places in the North or the South. It is very interesting that within one spent in Da Lat, you will be able to enjoy the climate of four seasons from the early spring morning with light and warm sunshine and then sleep in a cold weather that requires you to put on winter clothes.

There are some tourist attractions that you should consider before travelling to Da Lat below:

1. Da Lat railway station

The station was built in the early 20th century by two French architects Moncet and Reveron, resembling the shapes and constructions of railway station of the south of France with curved roofs. It is the most charming and unique architecture of Da Lat, harmony combination of Vietnamese and French styles. Before 1975, the railway station had been damaged a lot by the war; however, it was repaired and renovated in 1991 to offer services for tourists. Now, only the station only serves 7 km from Da Lat to Trai Mat and Linh Phuong pagoda for tourists to experience. It is considered as the most ancient railway station in Vietnam and Indochina and recognised as National Architect Relic in 2001. 

Image result for nhà ga đà lạt

Da Lat railway station 

2. Lam Vien square 

It is the heart of Da Lat city and a must-see tourist spot for every travellers coming here. Outstanding in the square are two big glass architectures of Da Quy and Atiso flowers, which are regarded as symbols and specialities of Da Lat. The square takes 6 years to complete with the cost of 681 billion dongs, attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists to visit and admire its beauty. 

Related image

Inside Da Quy construction is designed as a stage with the hold of 1500 seats, tiled with thousands of green and yellow glass pieces

Image result for hoa atiso quảng trường lâm viên

Atiso flower bud is designed with a huge coffee shop inside and chosen as a place to hold Da Lat Flower festivals every year. 

3. Da Lat milk farm 

It is not only famous for milk production but Da Lat Milk Farm also owns romantic and poetic scenery by the extremely unique architectural styles. Built on an area of nearly 6800 hectares, Lam Vien plateau, next to the Da Nhim stream, the farm is built with separated sections for production or offices that are imprinted with classic architecture of the Dutch farms. Surrounded by green grasslands, far away are the grazing grasses, or the huge windmills, all of which create a very peaceful and romantic picture.

Khung cảnh đồng quê đậm chất cổ điển của Hà Lan (Ảnh ST)

Picturesque scenery with Dutch classic styles


Milk cows and windmills on the farm 

 Vườn hoa hướng dÆ°Æ¡ng trong nông trại (Ảnh ST)

Sunflowers garden in the farm 

 Äá»‹a điểm lý tưởng chụp ảnh lý tưởng dành cho các cặp đôi (Ảnh ST)

Small trails appeal every young couple to take photos


Tam Giac Mach garden near the farm 


Da Lat is praised as a miniature of a beautiful European city and a heaven for taking art photos


4. Children's centre 

It is a entertainment place for children and family gathering at the weekend with a lot of interesting games for kids like sliding or ferris games. However, the most outstanding place here attracting every tourist is an amazing background of rows of white seats surrounding by endless green pine trees, waving in the wind, creates a romantic scenery best ever. 

Image result for nhà thiếu nhi đà lạt

Da Lat Children's centre 

5. Lac Duong reed grass hill

If you travel to Da Lat at the end of May or June, it will be an opportunity to admire the beauty of endless pure white reed grass stretching downsides and hills. Moreover, white reed grass is also a symbol of vitality and wildness.

Image result for đồi cỏ lau đà lạt

Reed grass

6. Da Lat cathedral 

It is the biggest church and one of ancient French architectures in Da Lat. The cathedral is often called Rooster church because it has a rooster on the top. 

Nhà Thờ Con Gà Đà Lạt

Dalat Cathedral began its construction from 1931 and finished in 1942. The church was built under the cross shape with its length of 65m and 14m wide. The bell tower is 47m high. Standing at the elevation of the bell tower, tourists have a chance take a panoramic view of whole city. It
characterises Roman architectural style which is extremely popular in Catholic churches. The church retains relatively simple shapes, uneven surfaces and few gaudy decorative motifs. The windows have arched shapes, strong lines, decisive, organised in vertical position, roof tile lithography, especially the ratio between blocks are very harmonious and tight.

Nhà Thờ Con Gà Đà Lạt
The decoration and interiors inside the church 

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