Vietnam's 10 destinations in foreigners' eyes

Published:  08:30 Saturday - February 23, 2013

Vietnam's 10 destinations in foreigners' eyes

In your eyes, where are the most beautiful places in Vietnam? Our questions are foreign tourists responded with these images upset: the picture angle is so simple that with them – people from a distance – that’s where most Vietnam features. And more beautiful images are to carry the most emotional story through 10 most beautiful destination.

1.Son Tra peninsula, Da Nang

Having the old forest in the city centre, Son Tra peninsula is compared to the pearl of Da Nang. Coming to Son Tra, visitors can go to forest or beach when taking part in series of tour on land like exploring the old forest, visiting the peninsula by helicopter, or visiting “green space”… and participating underwater tours like going fishing with fishermen, and diving to see coral….

2. Tomb of Nguyen dynasty, Hue

These tombs are not far from Hue city centre, the most impressive is tomb of Minh Mang, Khai Dinh, Tu Duc, Thieu Tri and Dong Khanh. Each tomb has its own feature with surrounding gardens, small bridges and paths. Seeing the tomb of Khai Dinh king, you can find the weird blend of east and west architecture as well as the past and present architecture. Also, you can see unique works of porcelain.

3.Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang

This beach deserves to be in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A few years ago, Nha Trang is one of the most famous beaches in Vietnam travel guide, but until now, you can know one more destination. That is the primitive beach in Phu Quoc Island. Besides the thick forests near the seashore, Phu Quoc also has long stretch of white sand, clear seawater, waterfall, and especially 99 mountains for people loving climbing. In addition, you can see coral reefs at the bottom of the sea.

4.Mekong delta, the south of Vietnam

The silt raises the level of this strip of land and makes it fertile all the year. The flora and fauna here are very abundant, the nature is still primitive. Exploring the life here with floating market and small villages along the river, as well as islands near river mouth is very interesting. The landscape is beautiful with rice fields, small streams and canals meandering around rural areas toward the sea.

5. Trạm Tôn (The port of heaven), Sa Pa

Sa Pa is a mountainous region in the northeast of Vietnam. It is known as the picturesque landscapes with mountains stretching endlessly, green valleys, traditional trade village of ethnic minorities, forest of bamboo tree, terraced field, and stunning scenery. In order to feel all the beauty here, visitors need to climb Tram Ton mountain pass that is also an interesting destination in Sa Pa. If travelers are strong enough, they can climb Phanxipang to see spectacular landscape.

6.Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, Quang Binh

This nature reserve has been listed as a world natural heritage and the largest dry cave in the world with more than 300 caves by UNESCO. Inside the cave, there is an underground river, very beautiful stalactites and stalagmites with long strips of limestone.

7.Ha Long bay, Quang Ninh

This is one of new 7 Wonders of the World. Looking down from high, Halong bay is like a huge lively water-color painting. That is wonderful works of nature, thousands of quiet rocky islands like impressive works of sculpture.

8. One Pillar Pagoda, Hanoi

One pillar pagoda was built in 1049, based on Ly Thai Tong king’s dream. In his dream, he saw a Buddhist temple floating on a lotus pond. The pagoda was built by wood and stood in a small pillar, it was designed to be familiar to a blooming lotus and was carved elaborately. One pillar pagoda we see now has been rebuilt to be familiar to the first design that was not destroyed by war.

9. Đá Dĩa Rapids, Phú Yên

We can see a huge piece of wax standing on this side in front of our view, we also can see a rock forming solid pillar. Rocks here also experienced the ups and downs with the variability of nature. It has been called Da Dia because pillars of rock are arranged close together like lines of plates. Besides the value of interesting natural landscape, Da Dia is a unique phenomenon of geology in Vietnam that geologists are discovering. Rocks in Da Dia, Tuy An, are basalt rocks formed by activity of volcano 200 million years ago.

10. Ancient capital of Hue, Hue

The ancient capital of Hue has been recognized as a cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. The system of citadel here is a perfect harmony of east and west architecture, being put in the great natural scenery with symbols that is as natural as one of parts of Hue imperial city – that are Ngu Binh mountain, Huong Giang river, Gia Vien dune , Boc Thanh dune…


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