Stunning sunrise in the easternmost country

Published:  01:39 Friday - July 12, 2013

Stunning sunrise in the easternmost country

After climbing Fansipan, westernmost Apchai, our group watched the dawn at the easternmost country.

From Hanoi, we traveled to Tuy Hoa by train. We had 2 days to watch scenes from the North to Central and chatted together. From Tuy Hoa, we hired motorbikes to carry tents and food to Dam Mon.

On the 60km road, we were enchanted by wonderful scenery of blue sky winding Passes and long coastline.

Adjacent to Dai Lanh beach is Vung Ro Bay that used to be a place to receive secret weapons from the North transferred into.

Comming to Dam Mon, we parked and strolled about 14km to reach to Mui Doi (Couple Cape). You can also come here by boat, and strolled about 14km or by motorbike through sand dunes.

Through every sand dune is blue sea, looking like green pearl

After 2 hours through the sand dunes, we took a break

At 2:30 pm, after 4 hours, our group reached to Rang beach-campsite and
1km from Couple Cape

4 am in the next morning, everyone got up early to watch the first sunrise of the country

Going back Rang beach, we returned Dam Mon by boat

Panorama of stone rapids from Rang beach to Couple Cape

From Dam Mon, we returned Tuy Hoa by motorbike

And stop at Dai Lanh to camp

The next morning, our group took excercise by running up the Dai Lanh lighthouse
to watch sunrise

Translated by Nguyen Hao

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