Phu Quy - A Small Island in Binh Thuan

Published:  09:59 Friday - October 19, 2012

Phu Quy - A Small Island in Binh Thuan

Phú Quý, an island district of the central province of Bình Thuận, is located in the middle of the South of the East Sea. The district, some 111km from Phan Thiết city, covers a natural area of 30km2 and has the population of nearly 20,000 people.

Phú Quý is a small island which has fresh climate and many beautiful beaches such as Triều Dương, Doi Dừa, Gành Hang and Mộ Thầy. It is also home to white and smooth sand banks and sapphire-colored water. Surrounded by nine small islands, including Tranh, Đen and Trứng, Phú Quý is an extremely attractive destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. Especially, the vegetation of coral reef system surrounding the island is diversified with various species. People in the island are very friendly and hospitable.

Coming to Phú Quý, travelers will be satisfied with bathing, yachting, fishing, mountain-climbing and sea-creature collection services. The island are also known for many beauty spots and historical monuments like Linh Quang and Vạn An Thạnh pagodas recognized as natural historical relics by the Ministry of Culture and Information which is now called the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

From Cao Cát mount, the highest place in the island, visitors can see the whole view of Phú Quý which looks like a bustling and poetic floating town on the sea. Three kilometers from the west is Cấm mountain which is 108m high compared to the sea water level. On the mountain peak is the biggest lighthouse of Việt Nam.

In Phú Quý, travelers can enjoy fresh specialties such as fish, lobster, spanner crab and sharks. Besides, visitors can catch shrimp at night when flood tide ebbs away. Tourists can use hand nets to catch fish and shrimp and then light a fire to process them and eat their own food. Here, you can also pitch camp overnight or go out for a walk on beach to see the moonlight. In the daytime, tourists can sail boats to Tranh island along with local fishermen to catch fish and process their favorite dishes.

Phú Quý is special eco-tourism place for visitors.

Source: VTR

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