Explore 10 breathtaking tourist destinations in Binh Thuan Vietnam

Published:  17:24 Tuesday - January 16, 2024

Explore 10 breathtaking tourist destinations in Binh Thuan Vietnam

Binh Thuan Vietnam is renowned for its stunning landscapes and exciting attractions. So, what makes exploring Binh Thuan interesting? What are the hot tourist destinations? The list of 20 places below promises to offer you many wonderful experiences on your upcoming trip!

1. Cu Lao Cau

Cu Lao Cau is an island located in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan Vietnam, approximately 10km northeast of the coastline, making it an enticing destination for those seeking the pristine beauty of nature. To reach Cù Lao Câu, travelers can opt for boat transportation, taking about 1 hour and 30 minutes to traverse the distance from the mainland.

Viewed from a distance, the island captivates with its scenic surroundings adorned by myriad rock formations of diverse shapes, creating the impression of a colossal battleship majestically standing amidst the open sea. This spectacle leaves visitors in awe, solidifying Cù Lao Câu as a truly unique and captivating destination.

Cu Lao Cau is currently one of the natural marine reserves, serving as a home to numerous rare species of fauna and flora. Therefore, it is highly suitable for travelers who appreciate rare wildlife, making it an ideal destination for those interested in exploring unique and endangered species and eco-tourism.

2. Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy Island (Cu Lao Thu) is an island located approximately 120km from the city of Phan Thiet, and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach by boat. Every tourist visiting this island can't help but be captivated by its pristine and simple beauty, imbued with a poetic charm.

Upon arriving at Phu Quy Island, visitors immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere of fishing villages and indulge in the simple and close-to-nature way of life. Additionally, Phu Quy is renowned for its beautiful white sandy beaches, such as Trieu Duong Bay, Doi Dua Beach, Nho-Ganh Hang Beach, Tranh Islet, etc. These are all ideal destinations for adventurous journeys and exploration, allowing visitors to connect with the majestic nature and appreciate the most beautiful moments of life.

3. Ke Ga Island

Mui Ke Ga is one of the tallest and oldest lighthouses in Vietnam, named after its distinctive shape resembling a fishing spearhead. This location is not only an attractive destination for tourists but also an ideal spot for those who love to capture picturesque moments for social media.

Situated quite far from the central areas of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet in Vietnam, getting to Mui Kê Gà is remarkably convenient. Along the journey, travelers can marvel at breathtaking landscapes and visit many beautiful spots.

To reach Mui Ke Ga, you'll need to purchase a train ticket and embark on a roughly 20-minute journey from the mainland to Kê Gà Beach. During certain times, when the tide recedes, a strip of sand emerges, connecting the mainland to Mui Kê Gà, creating a unique and fascinating pathway.

4. Bau Trang (White Sand Dunes)

Bau Trang is not only one of the most beloved tourist destinations in Binh Thuan Vietnam but also a place that offers a unique experience amidst the dunes and lotus-filled ponds. Located approximately 60km from the center of Phan Thiet, Bau Trang captivates visitors with its enchanting landscape.

The ideal time to visit Bau Trang is during the summer months. At this time, the dry weather, sunshine, and blooming lotus flowers create the most exquisite picture of this place. The sight of red lotus flowers against the smooth white dunes adds a stylish and captivating touch to the surroundings.

Upon arriving at Bau Trang, visitors can partake in various exciting sand activities such as off-road motorcycling, sand sliding, rowing boats, and especially driving jeeps to explore every corner of Bau Trang. This presents a fantastic opportunity to immerse oneself in the relaxed and exhilarating atmosphere of the 'Little Sahara' of Vietnam.

5. Hang Pagoda

Hang Pagoda (also known as Co Thach Pagoda) is a pilgrimage and spiritual destination in Binh Thuan Vietnam, attracting the attention of numerous tourists from both domestic and international locations. With a history spanning over 100 years, the pagoda is recognized as one of Binh Thuan's national heritage sites.

Situated distinctively atop a high hill, Co Thach Pagoda stands apart from the city's other temples. Here, visitors can encounter valuable historical artifacts such as ancient Chinese characters, Nôm script, couplets, and horizontal lacquered boards dating back over a century. Additionally, the pagoda features 23 ancient Buddha statues from various eras.


Hang Pagoda is a pilgrimage and spiritual destination in Binh Thuan Vietnam

6. Ham Thuan Lake

Ham Thuan Lake is a large hydroelectric reservoir located in Da Mi commune, Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan Vietnam. It is one of those tourist destinations that preserves its natural beauty without excessive commercialization, allowing visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the surrounding nature.

Tourists not only have the chance to appreciate the scenic beauty but can also participate in various recreational activities such as rowing on the lake to experience tranquility and admire the beauty of the water. The echoing melodies of singing birds and the sound of the wind rustling through the branches create a symphony of nature, bringing visitors into a state of exquisite relaxation.

Beyond the natural landscape, visitors can explore Thien Mai Pagoda, an ancient temple nestled in the mountains. The pathway leading to the pagoda is shaded by lush trees, creating a fairy-tale-like atmosphere. From the pagoda's summit, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Ham Thuan Hydroelectric Lake, resembling a picturesque watercolor painting.

7. Ta Pua Waterfall

Ta Pua Waterfall, a recently prominent tourist destination, has garnered special attention from those who love trekking and have a passion for wild nature. One of the most exciting experiences when visiting here is trying the activity of waterfall sliding. With numerous large and flat rock slabs, visitors can enjoy the sensation of sliding across these surfaces and revel in continuous joy.

Beyond the waterfall sliding, tourists also have the opportunity to relish the serene atmosphere alongside the cool, crystal-clear stream. You can immerse yourself in the refreshing water, feeling its coolness and natural fragrance emanating from the surrounding mountains. This creates a relaxing experience, rejuvenating the spirit after engaging in tiring activities.

8. Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream is an extremely famous and beloved tourist destination in Binh Thuan Vietnam. At Suối Tiên, visitors have the opportunity to marvel at a waterfall flowing through the area of red sand dunes, where unique sand formations and distinctive rocky hills create a mysterious and captivating environment. The reddish-brown color of the sand, combined with the unique shapes of the rocky hills, forms a magnificent natural painting.

One of the distinctive experiences at Suối Tiên is walking barefoot along the stream and immersing oneself in the fresh and pure atmosphere, blending harmoniously with the pristine nature of the surroundings. This is a chance for tourists to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, rediscover inner peace, and indulge in the serenity of the soul.

This unique spot offers visitors the opportunity to distance themselves from the daily chaos, providing a chance to rediscover tranquility and spiritual relaxation. Suối Tiên truly embodies the essence of untouched nature, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

9. Windmill Field

Not just one, but Binh Thuan boasts three captivating windmill fields where travelers can indulge in endless photo opportunities throughout their journey (Tuy Phong, Dai Phong, and Phu Quy Island). Among them, the windmill field in Tuy Phong attracts the most wanderers due to its substantial size (around 400 hectares), easy accessibility, and stunning natural beauty.

Despite being a relatively new check-in spot for young people, these windmill fields continue to allure many visitors with their European-like landscapes featuring blue skies, white clouds, and expansive grassy fields. Particularly, Tuy Phong is also adorned with vibrant artichoke flower fields blooming in vivid red from October to March of the following year.

10. Ta Cu Mountain

Located at an altitude of approximately 649 meters, Ta Cu Mountain is one of the captivating destinations in Binh Thuan Vietnam, particularly appealing to mountain enthusiasts and those seeking unique spiritual experiences.

To ascend to the summit of Ta Cu Mountain, visitors must overcome a steep 2290-meter trail, taking nearly 2 hours on foot. This presents a challenge for adventure sports enthusiasts and mountain climbers. However, for those looking for a more comfortable journey, an alternative option is to take a cable car, completing the ascent in just 15 minutes.

While riding the cable car, tourists can marvel at the picturesque scenery of lush green mountain forests embracing National Highway 1A, bustling with vibrant traffic. In addition to its natural beauty, Ta Cu Mountain is renowned for its historic temples, housing numerous Buddha statues and spiritual relics. Visitors can explore these sites to gain a deeper understanding of the unique culture and history of the region.


Ta Cu Mountain is one of the captivating destinations in Binh Thuan Vietnam

In this article, Vietnam Tourism has suggested 10 beautiful and charming tourist destinations in Binh Thuan Vietnam, that not everyone may be familiar with. If you have the opportunity to visit this stunning land, be sure to experience the mentioned places. Wishing you an enjoyable journey full of memorable moments

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