Binh Thuan excavated Ancient tombs

Published:  15:35 Monday - September 12, 2016

Binh Thuan excavated Ancient tombs

Binh Thuan is a famous place not only for the natural landscape but also it has an important meaning as historical relics in Sa Huynh culture. Dozens of ancient tombs and objects of various kinds have been excavated at the ba Hoe Cave in Ham Thuan Bac District, south central Binh Thuan province, the Viet Nam National History Museum announced on September 10.

Archeologists dug five holes with a total area of 324sq.m and found 43 tombs, mostly jar tombs and pot tombs, which were buried at an average depth of 60-70 centimeters.

Objects buried with the tombs are stone tools and ceramic objects used in daily life like jars and bowls.

Truong Dac Chien from Vietnam National History Museum, whi is in charge of the excavation, said the finds show the relic site is not only a habitation of ancient people but also a workshop manufacturing stone tools.

Initial research show the relic may be dated to the period of pre Sa Huynh culture (3,500 -2,500 BP).

Scientists will conduct further research to determine the relationship between the cultural layer and the tombs as well as the relationship between the cave and other relic sites in the region. 

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