Tan Trao Historical Relic in Tuyen Quang

Published:  10:53 Thursday - February 02, 2012

Being used as the revolutionary base of Vietnam before the August 1945 Revolution, Tan Trao is not only a historical area but is an attractive destination of Tuyen Quang for tourists in Vietnam travel as well.

Tan Trao is situated in Son Duong district, Tuyen Quang province, 41km far from center of Tuyen Quang Town forwarding to the north-west, about 200km from Hanoi.

Tan Trao is a small valley, the interim capital, where the Communist Party of Vietnam conducted national party conference 08/13/1945 to discuss about the plan for general uprising. Ten major policies of the Viet Minh were agreed in the National People's Congress Meeting on (16/08/1945), elected interim government by Uncle Ho as Chairman.

Coming to Tan Trao, tourists in Vietnam travel can get the chance to visit main monuments as followings:

* Tan Trao Communal House: The national congress meeting was held on 16/8/1945


Tan Trao Historical Relic in Tuyen Quang


* Hong Thai Communal House: the place to welcome the delegates of the congress.

Tan Trao Historical Relic in Tuyen Quang


*Tan Trao banyan tree: about 100m far from Tan Trao Temple on the north.

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