Hanoi considers more free wi-fi spots to boost tourism

Published:  16:04 Wednesday - January 11, 2017

Hanoi considers more free wi-fi spots to boost tourism

Hanoians and tourists will be able to access free wi-fi at various locations if a new proposal suggested by the city’s Department of Tourism is approved.

The network is expected to spread out beyond the city center.

The proposal, which has been sent to the municipal administration, asks for more wi-fi transmitters to be installed at tourist destinations, hotels and restaurants across the city.

Since September last year, Hanoi has been providing free wi-fi around Hoan Kiem Lake so that foreign tourists and local residents can get online. About 2.4 million hits from 732,000 subscribers were recorded in the first three months of the pilot program.

“This shows that we need more free wi-fi hotspots at tourist spots across the city,” the city government said on its online portal.

The city is aiming to develop its IT infrastructure so that by 2020 free wi-fi will be available at 80 percent of hotels and restaurants.

Last year, Hanoi welcomed a record number of 4 million foreign visitors and 18 million local arrivals, resulting in more than VND62 trillion ($2.7 billion) in tourism revenue.

The city has also signed a $2-million advertising deal with CNN in an attempt to draw 5.7 million foreign visitors by 2020.

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