After strong flower season, Ha Giang aims to boost tourism

Published:  16:38 Tuesday - November 08, 2016

After strong flower season, Ha Giang aims to boost tourism

HA GIANG — Northern province of Ha Giang’s Dong Van District received around 70,000 visitors last month, marking a tourist flow for the peak season of buckwheat flower, according to local authorities.

The total number of guests visiting the province reached 226,000 in the last ten months, 90 per cent off the locality's goal for this year. Pham Duc Nam, an official from Dong Van District's People Committee, said the locality continues to push tourism co-ordination between agencies. 

Tourism projects include a lift that taking tourists from the Old Quater of Dong Van District to the nearby high hills. The construction will kick off at the end of this year and aim to serve tourists by the Reunification Day holiday April 30 - May 1st next year. 



District authorities have also cleared off-site building spots for helicopter pads. Some ancient houses at the Old Quater will be upgraded for tourism by the end of this year. 

Dong Van Old Quater consists of 40 houses contributed in the early 20 century by the Mong, Tay and Hoa ethnic groups. The houses bear strong features of Chinese houses with two stories and tiled with yin-yang tiles. _VNS


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