The plan for traveling around Ha Giang

Published:  15:44 Monday - October 31, 2016

The plan for traveling around Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in Northern Vietnam and an attractive tourist destination with spectacular landscapes. There are many must-see places when you come to Ha Giang as : Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac, Dong van, Lung Cu, etc. So, if you have only three free days to travel around Ha Giang, you should make a plan how to travel all these beautiful landscapes here.

1. The first day, after arriving Ha Giang city, you get to Dong Van plateau (over 130km (81 miles) from Ha Giang city). You may move by bus or rent a car or motorbike, you may rent in your hotel or contact: Mr. Nam +84917.797.269 to rent motorbike or Mr. Sơn +84912.606.500 to rent a car, price $175 / 2 days.

On the way to Dong Van, you stop at Quan Ba sky gate (Cổng trời Quản Bạ), from here, you can watch overview of the town.

Noon, early lunch in Yen Minh town.

Afternoon, continue going to Pho Cao (Phố Cáo) and Sung La town (Sủng Là). These are 2 places famous for beauty of damson and kale flower.

In Sung La, you may visit Pao house, i was impressed by architecture of this house.

Late afternoon, after visiting these places, you stop at Vuong palace (Phủ Vương), where was home of Hmong’s king, Vuong Chi Sinh, who was the most powerful in Ha Giang.

Evening, you should stroll around Dong Van old quater (Phố cổ Đồng Văn), drink coffee and overnight at certain hotel in Dong Van. (You may consult some hotels in Dong Van below)

2. If you have 2 days – 2 nights then the second day, you visit Ma Pi Leng pass (Đèo Mã Pí Lèng) then back to Ha Giang city. On the way, there are many beautiful view, you should stop at somewhere to watch and take some photos. Remember calculating the time to back Ha Giang city before the starting time of bus.

3. If you have 3 days – 3 nights then early morning of the second day, you go to Lung Cu (Lũng Cú), where is northernmost point and very sacred place of our country, visit Lung Cu flagpole and some villages of Lo Lo ethnic.

Early afternoon, going to Meo Vac (Mèo Vạc), a district of Ha Giang province, on the way, stop at the summit of Ma Pi Leng pass to watch and take photos. Evening, overnight in Meo Vac (you may consult some hotels in Meo Vac below). The third day, back to Ha Giang city to return Hanoi in evening.

Important note: Ha Giang is close to China and has very long border, so this is quite complex place. If you only visit above places, it’s ok, but if you want to visit deeper places, you should have permission from Ha Giang military commander. And even when having the permission, you should also know where are you going if don’t want to be lost to China, that will be very big trouble.

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