People can get free wi-fi around Hoan Kiem Lake

Published:  11:57 Wednesday - August 31, 2016

People can get free wi-fi around Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi offer free wi-fi around Hoan Kiem lake to promote Hanoi tourism and serve Hanoian to search information.

Twenty-one hotspots are being installed around Hoan Kiem Lake as Hanoi prepares to launch its free public Wi-Fi service in the area on Sep. 1, an official has said.

Visitors to the lake, a well known tourist destination, will be able to roam using the free Wi-Fi hotspots as of Sep. 1, Tuoi Tre newspaper quoted the official from the Hanoi Information and Communication Department as saying.

Users, however, will need to log in again after every 30 minutes to continue using the service, he said.


The free Wi-Fi hotspots will debut at the same time as Hanoi starts to turn streets around Hoan Kiem Lake into walking-only streets every evening from Friday to Sunday to make the area more tourist-friendly.

The capital government also plans to expand free Wi-Fi service to more tourist destinations and public areas, according to Tuoi Tre.p

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