Mekong Delta Food Festival

Published:  11:03 Monday - October 31, 2016

Mekong Delta Food Festival

Mekong Delta is not only famous for floating market in rivers and spectacular landscapes but also famous for the special cuisine. This year, Mekong Delta Food festival is held in Kien Giang to introduce special cuisine and promote Mekong Delta’s tourism.

Culinary specialties of the Mekong Delta region are on offer from October 28-31 at a food festival in An Hoa Park, Rach Gia City, in the southern province of Kien Giang.

This year’s Mekong Delta Food Festival was jointly organised by the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism and the Kien Giang province People’s Committee.

According to Vu Van Thanh, Deputy Director of the Hotel Department, the festival aims to promote cuisine and cultures of the Mekong Delta to domestic and international audiences.

The event is also designed to improve cooperation in tourism development within the nation and to create opportunities for cooks nationwide to network and enhance their experience.

A variety of activities will take place during the event, including musical performance, a 52-booth exhibition of cuisine products typical of nine provinces, and a closing ceremony recognising the best decorated booths and those showcasing the most attractive cuisines.

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