Italian Food Festival to bring authentic fare to Ha Noi

Published:  09:33 Friday - November 11, 2016

Italian Food Festival to bring authentic fare to Ha Noi

The Italian Food Festival 2016 in Ha Noi is meant to engage Italian Embassies, chambers of commerce, cultural institutes, communities and businesses in a massive and strategic promotional campaign worldwide to celebrate Italian food excellence.

At the Italian Food Festival 2016, foodies and wine lovers will have an opportunity to experience Italian delicacies crafted by Italian chefs. On November 19-20 at the West Lake Water Park in Ha Noi, participants will be able to taste of the passion Italians put into their wine, food and culture. 

"The event is a yearly appointment for the Italian community, and the growing number of those interested in all things Italian, to improve public awareness of the increasing relations and ties between Italy and Viet Nam," Italian Ambassador Cecilia Piccioni said.

"We want to introduce visitors to true Italian foods and promote the value of cuisine we consider a part of culture and heritage of each country."

Besides the popular foods such as tiramisu, pizza and pasta, gourmands will be treated to special courses that are not widely available in Viet Nam. 

The festival features two days of pure Italian foods, wine, music, culture and entertainment experiences. The large area of the water park (normally closed at this time of the year) offers an ideal venue to host a significant number of participants. 

A wide covered area will include a huge stage, perfect for an entertainment program includes live music, lucky draws, cooking, eating competitions and more activities.

All the facilities and the staff of the water park are in an enclosed, safe and well-equipped area, with a trained team, children's  playground and wide space for sponsors' activities and vendor's stalls. 


The food festival is part of a border initiative promoted by the Italian Government worldwide (the Week of Italian Gastronomy) and is set out in the footsteps of the past successful initiative held since 2001, by Italian restaurants and food companies in Ha Noi to promote authentic Italian cuisine, product and culture and increase awareness over the quality and safety. 

During the week November 20-25, participating restaurants and shops will offer special menus and promote Italian wine and food, culminating in a fundraiser event "Italian do eat better" on November 26 at Casa Italia (18 Le Trong Hieu Street) for the benefit of the victims of the earthquake that happened on August 24 in Italy. 

Various events will be organized during the week, including film screenings at Casa Italy, a workshop on the Italian diet held at Ha Noi University and release about cooking in the Italian style.

The Week of Italian Gastronomy is meant to engage Italian Embassies, chambers of commerce, cultural institutes, communities and  businesses in a massive and a strategic promotional campaign worldwide to celebrate Italian food excellence.

Tickets cost VND 50,000 (US$2). Entrance for children will be free of charge. ___ VNS

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