Halloween celebration will be held in Ho Chi Minh city

Published:  16:53 Wednesday - October 26, 2016

Halloween celebration will be held in Ho Chi Minh city

Halloween is celebrated in the countries of the Western world but nowadays it becomes more popular in Vietnam. And this year, Halloween will be held in Ho Chi Minh on 30, 31 October.

Van Thanh Tourist Area

The program takes place from 6pm to 10pm on October 30 and 31 at Dung Dinh Café in the tourist area.

The menu for Halloween party features more than 40 selected dishes such as Australian beef rib BBQ, oxtail soup, Malaysian-style rice, squid cooked with fish sauce, grilled chicken, etc.

The program includes masquerade with a flamenco band, circus and magic performances in a horrific space. Tickets are VND450,000 for an adult and VND220,000 for a child.


Dam Sen Park

During two days of October 30-31, the park is decorated in spooky style with a ghost street, zombie island, pumpkin garden and witch house.

Especially, there is a zombie festival starting at 8pm at Ngoi Sao stage where dancers in zombie costumes perform funny dance moves.

Those who have impressive makeup and outfits are encouraged to go on stage to perform and win prizes.

The event also features singers Don Nguyen and Phan Ngoc Luan and comedian Le Quoc Nam who also dresses up like a zombie to exchange with audiences.

Kids can entertain themselves and take photos at a pumpkin garden at Zone A of the park.

A “Ghost night” parade and an exchange with witches will take place at Zone A while a hell market at Zombie Square will offer Halloween costumes, masks, related items and face painting service.

Visitors can also attend a thrilling performance by Phuong Nam Circus Theater or a drama show to meet witches for children at De Men Theater. Scary food will be served at all the restaurants at Dam Sen Park during two days of festival.

There is a 50% discount for a package ticket price for those who dress up in Halloween style, inclusive of face painting and costumes on two days of October 30-31.

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