Ninh Thuan – one of nation’s most stunning provinces

Published:  11:06 Friday - April 26, 2013

Ninh Thuan – one of nation’s most stunning provinces

When mentioning Ninh Thuan Province, tourists instantly think of the stunning Vinh Hy Bay which is considered a charming fairy among magnificent mountains, or Cham Towers.

However, there is more to Ninh Thuan than you would imagine and we set out on a voyage of discovery to find out exactly what.

Taking a train to Phan Rang City at 7:30 p.m. and reaching the destination at 3 a.m. it was more about resting up before our adventures lay ahead at 7 a.m.

We then started our journey to Chapor Waterfall located 50 kilometers northeast of Phan Rang City.

Chapor in ethnic Raglai language means silver hair, so the waterfall is described as the beautiful silver hair of a sleeping beauty in Bac Ai forest area.

The car took us to the foot of the falls and we needed to walk about 2,000 meters to get there. 2,000 meters is a long way and our group of office workers was tired.

However, the birds twittering, water murmuring and beauty of wild flowers along the path encouraged us to walk ahead, especially when the sounds of the falls became louder and louder.

Finally, it appeared before our eyes. A crystal stream lurked in an endless green forest. Our team leader told us the falls is even more beautiful at year-end months when it rains more and the falls become dazzlingly white.

After that we got back to halfway of the walls which has a natural lake where we could relax, have food and enjoy the fresh air on giant rocks.

A splendid section leading to Chapor Waterfall - Photos: Trung Chau

The next day, we moved to a very pristine Thung Beach which is 400 meters long and endowed with a smooth sand beach scattered with broken pieces of corals.

In the distance from the beach were red rock walls, creating a contrast in colors of the scenery. Our desire for swimming and admiring corals seemed to be endless so we continued to move to other beaches such as Da and San Ho which are very primitive and untouched.

As we got peckish we could not miss out on chicken rice and banh can, a local specialty made from rice flour served with egg and seafood.


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