Travel experiences in Da Nang during April 30th holiday

Published:  17:53 Tuesday - April 16, 2013

Travel experiences in Da Nang during April 30th holiday

Known as the most liveable city in Vietnam, Da Nang attracts many tourists to visit every year. If you make a plan to visit here for April 30th holiday, you should read the following interesting experiences.


Da Nang is a big, young and modern city with almost travel vehicles at airports, train stations, international port, and crowded bus stations, so it is very convenient for you to get to Da Nang. If you want to be on the plane, it just takes you about 1 hour to get to Da Nang from Hanoi or HCMC. However, plane ticket on this occasion is quite expensive and sold out, so you have to book tickets early.

It will be convenient and exciting if you decide to travel by high quality bus or car with VND 400,000/ turn. However, in these days, ticket is always sold out or more expensive.

Because Da Nang is quite big with many intriguing sights, so if this is the first time you have ever visited it, you should travel by taxi. Taxis here are in abundance.

If you want to save your money or explore scenery with free style, you can hire bicycles and motorcycles of hotel. Hiring bicycle cost about VND 70,000 and VND 120,000 for motorcycle per day. In addition, visitors can hire cyclo if you want to enjoy the night scene along the bank of Han River or take a stroll to enjoy the beauty of city.


Da Nang has a lot of hotels from ordinary hotel to 5-star or luxury resorts along the coast Pham Van Dong. Depending on the budgets, every visitor can give the right choice.

If you want to save your budget, you can rent guess houses at Hoa Khanh street, Lien Chieu district from VND 100,000 -200,000 per night. Also, you can find outlying hotels on Nam O Street with the price of VND 300.000 per night.

Hotel room rates on Dien Bien Phu or Hoa Khanh Street fluctuate from over VND 600.000. And nearer hotels cost from VND 1.000.000 to 3.000.000 per night on Bach Dang Street. However, because of too many tourists to Da Nang on occasion, so when you book rooms about 1 month ago, room rates will be also increased from 2 to 3 times.

Tourist places.

Da Nang has numerous destinations that are extremely attractive to most tourists coming here. Coming here, you definitely should not miss Khe beach- one of the most exotic beaches in Vietnam. You will be enchanted by blue water, the stretch of white sand and fresh seafood here.

The next destination is Marble Mountains, about 7km far from Da Nang center. The weather will be more pleasant if you visit Marble Mountains in the early morning or at 3 pm. Marble Mountains is majestic. From the top, you will see Da Nang overall. Here also many souvenirs by stone with affordable prices.

Linh Ung pagoda was built in Son Tra Peninsula, and is also tourist attraction that you should not miss. This pagoda was built elaborately. Linh Ung pagoda is famous for Mercy Goddess.

The pagoda has become a place of worshiping, living and learning of nuns, Buddhist, as well as being tourist attraction of tourists all around the country.

Ling Ung pagoda is a spiritual tourist attraction ò Da Nang city. At night, Linh Ung pagoda has become more beautiful and shimmering.

If you have time, you should come to Ba Na that that is well known as the paradise. Certainly, you will not forget the feeling of floating when sitting in cable car.

In addition to cool air, there are many entertainment areas and the largest buildings with incredibly beautiful Western architecture. In order to enjoy all the beauty of Ba Na, you should stay here for one night. If you want to explore culture here, you should visit Cham Museum situated in the city center. 

The beautiful and majestic bridges such as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge are also very interesting tourist destination.

About 30km far from Da Nang, Hoi An is an ideal destination. Hoi An ancient city attracts many visitors. Immersing ancient space at sunset, you will feel more comfortable and relax.

Eating and shopping

Da Nang is a coastal city so seafood is extremely rich. You can enjoy fresh seafood along the coastline Pham Van Dong.

If you want to enjoy the specialties of Da Nang city like girdle cake rolled pork, noodle, Tran store will be perfect destination for you.

In addition, there are so many famous snacks such as pancakes, noodles, fish salad…

Translated by Ngyen Hao

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