Bao Son Paradise - A perfect choice for relaxation

Published:  09:01 Saturday - December 08, 2012

Bao Son Paradise - A perfect choice for relaxation

Bao Son Paradise, about 15km from downtown Hanoi, was funded by the Bao Son Group with an investment of 50 million USD. Although put into operations only recently, the site has become a repeat destination for many people in Hanoi.

Designed to become a high-quality tourist site consisting of several areas of entertainment, Bao Son Paradise is of both traditional and modern architecture. Passing the entrance gate, visitors seem to be lost into a tranquil world that is quite opposite to the crowded, bustling neighbourhood outside. An old quarter with the imprints of Hanoi's 36 ancient streets is re-produced on an area of over 5,000m2.

The entrance gate to Bao Son Paradise

There are more than 20 houses standing next to each other roofed with tiles, which is similar with the Hanoi Old Quarter's architecture in the early 20th century. A few houses in modern French-style architecture are also built. In the houses there are counters displaying various kinds of goods, such as fabrics, fine art articles, refreshments, etc… – a resemblance with daily life and trading activities of the Hanoians almost a century ago.

Tourists like to pull a rickshaw around the old quarter.

On the pavements there are woman vendors wearing brown blouses, black skirts and kerchiefs selling green tea, candies and stuff wares. Now and then, a driver pulls a rickshaw with nickel-plated handles running back and forth to invite any passenger for a tour around the entire old quarter.

A short distance further is a complex of traditional craft villages of Vietnam tourism. Visitors can see young rural women sitting beside the traditional wooden looms to weave fabrics; craftsmen chiselling stones to make statues or oriental parallel sentences; women weaving bamboo baskets, embroidering, making earthen pots ... All create a peaceful rural environment of the northern delta in the old times.

Making statues at Bao Son tourist site.

Visitors who love ornamental trees can visit the "royal garden" which has more than 500 species of orchids, various species of butterflies and huge statues of Arhat and Mitreya Buddha, each of more than 10m tall.

In the area for the traditional silk-weaving craft

A modern entertainment area has an imposing stage for water musical performance, laser movie shows, and dolphin and seal performances, with a capacity of 7,000 seats. Not too far from this area is an aquarium, still under construction, deep into two man-made mountains.

Traditional handicraft items are on sale at Bao Son tourist site.

As expected, about 2,000 species of sea fish from other continents will be displayed, including sharks, skates, dolphins and seals, as well as many rare sea creatures and corals. In particular, there is a multi-functional entertainment quarter for people of different ages with impressive games and rides such as Ferris wheels, a horse ride, an outer space exploration, an electronic car race, thrill ride boating, a swinging train, a ghost house, etc.

Performing love duet songs in the old quarter.

In addition, there is a 4D movie theatre having 48 rotating seats that makes the audience feel that they are in a fanciful world. After touring around the area, visitors can relax by swimming in the cool pool, then going to the gastronomy quarter to enjoy delicious food including rice pancake shrimp cakes, steam sticky rice with chicken, eel porridge, rice noodle with fish, etc.

Lanterns displaying a resemblance of Ha Long Bay.

On moonlit nights, visitors will have a chance to contemplate Bao Son Paradise sparkled with colourful lanterns and bright fireworks. Bao Son Paradise is a perfect choice for anyone yearning to relax after a long week of hard work. Come and enjoy it by yourself!

Source: Vietnamvnanet 

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