Free entry to Lam Kinh National Heritage during Tet

Published:  10:00 Tuesday - January 24, 2017

Free entry to Lam Kinh National Heritage during Tet

King Le Thai To's tomb in Lam Kinh historical relic. The site will open to all visitors this Tet holiday, exempt from purchasing tickets for one week.

Lam Kinh historical site, officially recognized in 1962, is located in Tho Xuan District in the northern province of Thanh Hoa. It is famous as the hometown of Emperor Le Loi and hero Le Lai, who sacrificed himself to save the King.

The week of free entrance begins from the night of January 27 to February 3, or from December 30 to January 7 of the lunar month.


According to Trinh Dinh Duong, the site’s director of the management board, thurifying ceremonies will be held for visitors at the temple of national hero Le Lai, temple of King Le Thai To (1385-1433) and the altars the kings of the late Le Dynasty (1428-1789).

Constructed in 1433, Lam Kinh Citadel is both an original imperial temple of the latter Le dynasty and the historic location of the Tay Son uprising. It is also the site of a number of important royal tombs and tombstones, including Vinh Lang stone stele, four imperial tombs of kings from the Le Dynasty and the tomb of Queen Ngo Thi Ngoc Giao, mother of King Le Thanh Tong (1442-1497). In 1962, the historic site was recognised as a national historic relic by the State.


 700-year-old tombstone 

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