Buddhism spring festival open in early February, Son Tay town

Published:  11:03 Tuesday - January 24, 2017

Buddhism spring festival open in early February, Son Tay town

The Khai Nguyen Pagoda in Hanoi’s suburban town of Son Tay will host a Buddhism spring festival from February 4-7 (the 8th-11th of the first lunar month).

Most Venerable Thich Dao Thinh, head monk of Khai Nguyen Pagoda, said at a press briefing on January 23 that the festival aims to promote the country’s traditional cultural values, pray for a New Year of happiness, health and peace and encourage understanding, love, and community connection. 

Highlights at the event include a flower exhibition, a fair of vegan food and sport and folk games like tugs of war, walking on stilts and boat racing.


Press conference on the Buddhism festival at Son Tay Town

Around 60 vegetarian restaurants across the country are expected to attend the event, introducing vegetarian dishes and products at 60 booths. The Khai Nguyen Pagoda and participating restaurants hope to set a Guinness record with 1,000 hot pots of vegetarian food at the festival.

The festival is co-organised by Khai Nguyen Pagoda, the An Lac business group, the Hanoi martial art association and the Vietnam Laughter Yoga club.


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