Enchanting Holothurian Fried With Abalone

Published:  15:45 Tuesday - February 19, 2013

Enchanting Holothurian Fried With Abalone

Holothurian (sea cucumber) and abalone are foods, rich in protein and fat. The nutritious dish is very good for health.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

- Fresh holothurian: 1 (300g); abalone: 8; green peas: 7 (100g); ginger, hot pepper, cooking oil, oyster oil, seasoning, ground pepper, cassava flour; quail egg: cauliflower: 200g 


- Gut the holothurian and clean with water and a dash of salt. Boil about 200ml of water and add the holoturian and cook for 5 minutes, helping the holoturian taste less salty. Take it out and put it into a large bow of cold water. Clean again and use tissues to pat dry.

- Clean and separate meat from the abalones and cut the meat into halves. Boil the quail egg and remove the shell. Slice the cauliflower and boil.

- Heat the cooking oil, add ground ginger and sliced hot pepper and then the holothurian. Add abalones and stir well and then 1 tablespoon of oyster oil, green peas and seasoning. Mix the cassava flour with half of a small bowl of water and pour into the mixture. Continue cooking for a while. Place the mixture on a large plate and sprinkle with pepper.

- Served hot.

Source: Vietnam.vnanet.vn

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