Steamed Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling Recipe

Published:  12:02 Thursday - November 17, 2016

Steamed Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling Recipe

Steamed Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Filling (Bánh Ít Nhân Dừa) is known belong to Southern Vietnamese people. With all simple ingredients are easy to find, they create a fantastic cake for our cuisine. Wrapped in banana leaves, it will bring a different flavour which no one can make. Moreover, the filling is made from coconut meat extra with some peanut will the best gift for who you love.


Making cover:
250g sticky rice flour
Salt, sugar, hot water
Making filling:
110g icing sugar
150ml water
150g coconut meat (smashed)
½ bowl roasted peanut
Salt, 1 tablespoon tapioca starch
Banana leaves, steaming pot


Step 1: Making cover: Mix sticky rice flour with ½ teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, pour slowly hot water and stir gently until this mixture becomes soft and smooth. Then, use your hands to knead in 5 minutes, cover it by nylon bag and wait for 1 hour.

Step 2: Roast peanut and smash quickly. Mix 110g sugar with 150ml water, bring to cook.

Step 3: Cook until the sugar turns to caramel colour and quickly add grinded coconut meat into pan, cook more 5 – 10 minutes, turn off the heat. Here is the important step to create the filling for one of interesting Vietnam Recipes


Step 4: Add more roasted peanut, tapioca starch and a little salt, mix well and wait to reduce heat. Use hands to roll into circle shapes.
Step 5: Clean well banana leaves, wait to get dry. Cut into rectangle shape (25 x 15cm)
Step 6: Create banana leaves into funnel shapes.
Step 7: Cut the flour in step 1 into equal pieces, press gently, add coconut filling on the center, roll and cover well.
Step 8: Put one by one ball in step 7 into each banana leaf in step 6, fold the edges carefully. Continue until you finish all balls.
Step 9: Bring to steam in 20 – 25 minutes.
With this cake, you can eat when it is hot or cold is all delicious. The flavour from banana leaves is absorbed into flour will create an interesting flavour which you ever tasted before. Good Luck for your cooking. 
Nguồn : Vietnamese Food
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