Deep Fried Sesame Cake with Yam Filling (Bánh Vừng Nhân Khoai Tím)

Published:  16:17 Monday - November 14, 2016

Deep Fried Sesame Cake with Yam Filling (Bánh Vừng Nhân Khoai Tím)

It will be a favorite snack for all members in your family, especially for kids.


250g rice flour 

200ml water

2yams (taro)

30g sugar

15ml coconut milk 

30g white sesame


Step 1: Steam yams until they are cooked and soft. Peel off the cover  and smash well with sugar plus coconut milk for filling. 

Step 2: Mix rice flour with water knead well. You should pour water slowly into mixture yam (twice) to control the softness of flour. 

Step 3: Separate flour mixture into 10 equal balls. 

Step 4: Press gently each flour ball and add filling on the center. Next, roll carefully. Continue until you finish all flour balls and filling. 

Step 5: Before frying, roll flour balls in step 4 on sesame plate, make sure sesame will cover all balls. 

Step 6: Heat the oil (make sure oil will cover oil balls), bring flour balls to fry until they are turned brown yellow. 

Finally, put them on plate added paper napkin to absorb all wasted oil. Eating when it is hot will help you taste the amazing flavor of sesame. 

Hope you can satisfy with one of amazing Vietnamese Recipes like this one and Good luck for your cooking. ___ VNFood

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