Banh dau xanh (Mung bean cakes)

Published:  08:17 Wednesday - July 13, 2016

Banh dau xanh (Mung bean cakes)

When traveling to Hai Duong, people should not miss a chance to try banh dau xanh, one of the most specialties foods in Hai Duong. It is sweet and tasty that make people can't forget the taste.

Banh dau xanh is made by mung beans, sugar, pomelo flower oil and fat in appropriate percentage. It has sweet taste and attractive smell. After cooking, cake is a dry and smooth powder which is shaped in rectangular. Cake is yellow and has a smooth cover.


Whenever enjoying, putting each piece of green bean cake into your mouth, you can feel the essence of heaven and earth, the aroma of the cake which is melting in the mouth, but its flavor is still lingering.

Green bean cake is best when it is served with green tea. The slightly acrid taste of green tea will balance the tasty sweetness of the cake. The two opposites tastes intertwine creating an exciting feeling for diners.



-200g mung beans (dried, peel and split)

-150-200g sugar

-1 tbs koh fun

-2-3 tbs oil

-1/2 tsp vanilla, pomelo or mali flower water

What to Do:

Rinse and soak beans for at least a few hours, until they're nice and plump. Drain the beans and steam until tender. Mash the beans and mix with sugar. Simmer the beans over medium heat while stirring constantly for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile mix together koh fun with oil. After about 20 minutes, add the flour mixture and mix well. Continue to cook for another 10 minutes. Add vanilla, and pomelo flower water. Cool until beans are cool enough to handle and press into a mould. 

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