Unique Vietnam tourist destinations

Published:  10:21 Thursday - January 17, 2013

Unique Vietnam tourist destinations

Vietnam is a strong country and it shows in how their culture managed to remain intact after decades of war and oppression. It is one of the countries in Asia that stand out because of its natural beauty, culture and the fact that it has unity in diversity.

Vietnam tourist destinations are as varied as its people. This means that you are likely to experience a different kind of Vietnam if you belong to the 5% of tourists that return to the country. Since Vietnam is sandwiched between Cambodia, Laos, China and the South China Sea then entrance and exit can be by means of sea, air, train and water transportation.

You can board any of the cruise liners that regularly traverse the Vietnamese waters and also get to enjoy the view from the ocean. You can also ride a train directly from China or drive from any of its neighboring countries. But if you come from a different part of the globe, going to Vietnam via an aircraft would be the most practical.

There are three destinations of Vietnam for adventures:

The Tranquil North

As mentioned earlier, you can experience a different kind of Vietnam every time you come for a visit because its highlands and lowlands offer different kinds of adventures. Add to that, it is large enough to be endowed with several unique climate zones.

So if you are visiting the Vietnam tourist destinations of the North then you would be greeted with four different seasons: chilly winter, autumn, spring, and hot and wet summer. The changes in season takes place particular months so coordinate with Vietnam travel agency to know what sets of clothes you should bring.

One of the places to visit in Northern Vietnam would be Hanoi. This is Vietnam’s capital city but instead of being too modernized, this small city is surrounded by tranquil lakes, parks and even precolonial and colonial markers. If Hanoi is in your itinerary, don’t miss its best and unique entertainment – a water puppet show. This is a showcase of traditional Vietnamese tales brought to life by colorful puppets that gracefully emerge from the water.

The Historical South

In South Vietnam, there are three seasons: hot and dry, rainy, and cool and dry. South Vietnam tourist destinations are usually historic of the famed Vietnam war. Hence, you can say that this part of Vietnam is a giant blender that externally mixes history, culture and outdoor adventures.

Here, you will see museums, a war-history-themed park that is located underground, beaches, forests and even rugged hills.

The People - Driven Central Vietnam

Lastly, Central Vietnam has two season patterns: summer and winter. This part of Vietnam I more people-centered. It sits right in the middle so you can see the influences of both the North and the South. As a result, you get people who are historically and culturally rich yet living tranquil lives.

One of the best Central Vietnam tourist destinations would be a trip to one of the floating villages called the Kenh Ga. Here, you will see locals who are using their feel as oars to their boats.

Indeed, Vietnam is very diverse yet it a country of people and culture that have been fused together by its history of cold wars and invasions. Today, these you can see through the Vietnam tourist destinations.


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