Four Seasons in Ho Guom

Published:  06:37 Thursday - November 22, 2012

Four Seasons in Ho Guom

Located in the heart of Hanoi, Ho Guom or (Hoan Kiem Lake) with legends and surrounding ancient vestiges, such as Tortoise Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, Hoa Phong Tower, But Tower (pen-shaped tower), is a drawing card for the thousand-year-old Capital.

In spring the Lake is as beautiful as a romantic painting and in summer the space around the Lake is shady and brilliant with flamboyant reflections on the water. When autumn comes with its slightly cold winds, Barringtonia trees surrounding the Lake are in blossom and its red flowers fall over the trees’ foot and the lake’s surface.
In winter the Lake seems to huddle to warm up with rows of trees shedding leaves for budding in the coming spring. With its historical and cultural values, Ho Guom has become an indispensable part of Hanoi and an interesting destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.


In autumn the gigantic Barringtonia tree by the lake has golden blossoms.

In spring flowers in diverse colours boom around the lake.

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