Tra Que Vegetable Growing Village in Hoi An

Published:  13:50 Thursday - November 15, 2012

Tra Que Vegetable Growing Village in Hoi An

Situated 3km north of the ancient town of Hoi An ( Quang Nam Province), Tra Que Village in Cam Ha Commune has been around for hundreds of years. For much of that time it has been recognised as a hot spot for growing vegetables, basils and mints. Over the years the village has become not only a major vegetable supplier in the region but also an attractive destination for both foreign and domestic tourists.

“Herbs, particularly basils and other mints grown in Tra Que are sweet and have a special aroma due to the village’s soil and the local farming technique. The villagers use neither manure nor chemical fertilizers but a kind of algae found only in the Vong De River,” said Nguyen Kim Sau, Chairman of Cam Ha Commune People’s Committee.

The vegetable farm inTra Que Village.

Dauld Froment, a French tourist tries to work as a farmer.

Tourists in the farmers' costume like the aroma of mints in Tra Que.

Watering the vegetables.

75-year-old Nguyen Thi Hue has planted vegetables for 60 years.

Tra Que vegetable-growing village attracts a large number of foreign tourists.

Foreign tourists are introduced to steps of growing vegetables in Tra Que Village.

After 1999, when Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site, there have been more tourists flocking to the area. To meet the demand, Hoi An Tourism and Service Joint-Stock Company established a new tour to the vegetable-growing village of Tra Que where tourists have a chance to experience the life of real farmers.

Visiting Tra Que Village, tourists will be fascinated by the lush, green fields of vegetables planted by hospitable and industrial farmers. Furthermore, they are guided on how to mix a fertile soil, grow vegetables and herbs and learn how to make tasty, traditional dishes from vegetables. “I am really amazed by the beauty of the vegetable field. It does not like others in the Europe with modern equipment. Farmers here only use the most rudimentary tools. I will surely tell my friends about this village,” said Dauld Froment, a French tourist.

For nearly eight years, Tra Que Village has become a tourist site, alluring hundreds of tourists a day. Thanks to a stable income from both farming and tourism, the villagers’ living standard has been improved significantly over the years.


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