Tet celebration of Vietnamese across the world

Published:  16:01 Tuesday - January 24, 2017

Tet celebration of Vietnamese across the world

Vietnamese overseas in the US and Canada enjoyed activities to celebrate Tết, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year in their host country

Vietnam’s Embassy in the US celebrated Tet for Vietnamese people living in Washington DC and neighbouring areas last Saturday. Some 300 Vietnamese attended the event, which featured traditional music and Tet food. 

Vietnamese Ambassador to the US, Pham Quang Vinh and Vietnamese people here burnt incense to pray for a year of peace, prosperity and happiness for the country and Vietnamese overseas.


Nearly 300 Vietnamese people living in America attended the event with music and traditional Tet food.

Speaking at the event, the Ambassador briefed the audience on the development in Vietnam and praised the contribution of Vietnamese living in the US to home country's development and Vietnam - US ties. Also on this occasion, the Ambassador recounted the important phases of the two countries' relationship as well as diplomatic achievement of the country over the year. 

Earlier this month, Vietnamese overseas in Toronto and Montreal, Canada also celebrated the traditional new year in the freezing -20 degrees Celsius weather. This was the first time Canada - Vietnam Society, a representative organisation of Vietnamese people in Canada, worked with Vietnam Embassy in Canada to hold such an event for Vietnamese people to celebrate Tet together.

With youth theater troupe artists and other beloved Vietnamese artists including Chi Trung and Ngọc Huyen, participants enjoyed familiar music of the three regions of Vietnam as well as comedy drama. Also on this occasion, the Vietnamese overseas in Canada held a fund raising event to support poor people in the central Vietnam.

Canadian senators and friends including Senator Michael Levitt also attended the event and lauded the contributions of the Vietnamese community to the political, economic, social and multicultural environment of Canada as well as the development of the Vietnam-Canada relationship


Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Pham Quang Vinh join Tet celebration event with Vietnamese overseas in America.


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