More discoveries related to Ho Dynasty Citadel

Published:  11:14 Monday - August 15, 2011

More discoveries related to Ho Dynasty Citadel

A new site has just been discovered in Ho Dynasty citadel - the world heritage of Vietnam recognized by UNESCO

Ho Dynasty Citadel Recognised as World Heritage
Ho Citadel become world cultural heritage - the pride of

Ho Citadel – Vietnam’s unique rock work
The rock unique construction of Ho Citadel

Ho Dynasty Citadel is currently one of the best places in Vietnam travel. It has been recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO.

The Ho Dynasty Citadel’s preserve center has just discovered a site which was used to exploit stones to build the citadel in Yen Ton Mountain, Phu Luu Hamlet, Vinh Yen Commune, Vinh Loc District in Thanh Hoa Province, reports Sai Gon Giai Phong.

Yen Ton Mountain covers an area of 25,292 hectares. According to experts, the stone area of the mountain was divided into many layers that are easy to take off.

Scientists have found 21 flagstones in Thung Chet valley.

Researchers confirmed the flagstones found in Yen Ton were used to build the citadel based on traces and artificial manipulation techniques on these flagstones and an analysis of the Ho Dynasty Citadel’s stone walls.

From this discovery, the locality’s authority has asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to establish a project to excavate a part of the stone exploitation site in Yen Ton.

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Ho Dynasty Citadel recognized as the world heritage - Vietnam travel -  Ho Dynasty Citadel Discovery

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