“Impressive Vietnam” A new TV program about Vietnam travel

Published:  11:51 Thursday - July 07, 2011

“Impressive Vietnam” A new TV program about Vietnam travel

A new television programme called “Impressive Vietnam” will be launched on VTV3 on every Sunday with an aim of introducing the country’s landscapes and the unique socio-cultural features of each region.

Impressive Vietnam is a reality television programs about Vietnam travel - travel through the length of the country to attractive destinations, unique culture, people and special products of each attractive destination.These are true travel tours for people (called players) who are young and vibrant, passionate about travel, want to discove Vietnam travel.

“Impressive Vietnam” A new TV program about Vietnam travel

Players in this game show will have chance to go to attractive destinations, to experience reality, to experience travel tours, explore values of culture, history, geography and the beauty of these destinations. Through that, they will share their feelings as well as experiences of each travel tour, to mark and honor  impressive destinations, make audiences feel excited and know more about these attractive destinations.

The series will last for five years and hopefully will help develop attractive tourism products and promote sustainable tourism growth, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism said at a press briefing in Hanoi on July 5.

The programme is jointly conducted by the Vietnam Television (VTV3 and VTV6), cable Style TV, Fansipan TV, the Victoria Group and the Go Vietnam joint stock company.

Hong Tam

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