Vietnam attends travel show in Canada

Published:  15:55 Tuesday - March 28, 2017

Vietnam attends travel show in Canada

The Embassy of Vietnam in Canada participated in the 23rd Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show, which started in the capital city of Ottawa on March 25.

The two-day event, one of the cultural activities to celebrate Canada’s 150th founding anniversary, drew the participation of more than 50 countries and territories, as well as received about 17,500 visitors.

The Vietnamese booth featured documents, information on Vietnam's tourism and its landscapes and people. Some publications like "Hello Vietnam" and "Vietnam Endless Beauty" were also on display, along with the conical hat, bamboo dragonflies, and rattan baskets.

Visitors could also taste Vietnamese coffee free and receive maps, books on Vietnamese traditional craft villages and culture.

According to statistics, more than 100,000 Canadians travelled to Vietnam each year. 

The annual Ottawa Travel and Vacation show is among the largest travel fairs in Canada and Northern America, aiming to introduce and promote tourism. It also offers opportunities for businesses to meet and cooperate.


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